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Any Wound Care LVN's around?


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So my last week of clinical is this Friday and I must say, I think I have fallen in LOVE with wound care. I had expressed an interest in wound care to my instructor at the start of clinical and was lucky enough that she allowed me to spend 80% of my time on the floor with the wound care nurse. The person I followed was an RN so couldn't really tell me much about LVN's who do wound care. She did tell me to get certified in wound care as an RN she had to have 2 years experience then take a class. Is that the same for LVNs? Can LVN's be wound nurses?

If there are any wound care LVN's out there I would love to hear from you guys.

How long did it take you to get a job in wound care?

Was it your first job?

Where do you work (LTC, Hospital etc)

Is the pay any better?

Any special certs needed?

Thanks a million


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From what I hear wound care requires u to be a nurse for 2 yrs, but if u check out NAPNES they have a cert..good luck


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At my LTC facility our wound care nurses are LPNs and a RN sometimes on the weekend I loveee our wound care nurses mainly because I don't have to deal extensively with the wounds but I was talkin to one of the wound care LPNs she said one day they kinda just threw her on the treatment cart she got a lil training but she's not certified or anything of course by now she's a pro she's been doin it for 8 months she works with another LPN wound nurse who has been doin it for a year or so I think if we want we can be trained on the wound care cart just so we can be more flexible

I got hired as a Treatment nurse at a nursing home when I applied for a LVN position and I don't have any wound certification or any experience at all. This is actually my first nursing job. They told me its the same thing, only thing is that my main focus will be on skin/wound. But I will also be trained on the floor as well. I think that in some facility, they have treatment nurses so the load is less for the floor nurse but others don't because lvn does everything.


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It's funny because when I went in today for my last day of clinical and they had hired a guy who was coming in as the new tx nurse since they only had one person. Today was his first day so I was able to ask him a million questions. This was also his first job. He said he had passed the nclex 2 years ago but just never looked for a job because he was unsure if he wanted to be a nurse. Anyways he said he had no background in going tx at all and just happened to apply (first place) and got the job. He is also an LVN. He said they started him off at $20 an hour. He realizes he got a sweet deal lol. I'm in California. I also talked to the tx nurse I trained under and they told me that when I graduate if I ever want a job in tx to call them bc they loved working with me and I knew my stuff. I'm going to hold on to that number lol

In the course of my career I did quite a bit of wound care, but as far as professional recognition is concerned, the RNs have that cornered.