Any Tucson nurses getting together for fun?


Am new to this community and was hoping to connect with other nurses in Tucson to chat, vent, laugh, share and maybe do some fun things with. :clown: Are there any nurses out there that meet? I work in Home Health and have been feeling a bit isolated/lonely at times (I work in a small company that only has 2 other HH nurses working for them) but would be happy to meet with nurses in any specialty. I searched quite a bit in different areas on this web site but was disappointed that I did not find any section where Tucson nurses chat-the Region tab only had a thread about the profession. :confused: Hmmmm. Also lots of old threads on other sites but it's hard to know who's still around. What have other nurses done to try to meet fellow professionals?


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:grpwlcm: More likely to get responses if you post in the AZ forum.


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I looked in that section, but the forum was primarily for discussing programs and appeared to consist of nursing students in the process of applying for school. So I did not post there. I'll see if I get any takers here and then maybe try my luck there later! Thanks for the suggestion. :nurse:

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There is the AZ state forum then there is the AZ state nursing program discussion forum


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Moved this conversation to the AZ forum. Good luck!


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Thanks. I'm still learning to navigate to all the sites!


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So what hospital do you work at? I work at UMC in Tucson.


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I work for a Home Health Agency- not a hospital. That way I call the shots as to how many visits I want to take on any given day. Only downside is I have no benefits. Prior to Home Health I was at the County Health Dept. and prior to that at St. Mary's. What area do you work in?