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Any took the ATI TEAS 6

I just took the practice TEAS 6 test. I will actually be taking my actual test December 8th. Has anyone took this and did horrible on the practice test and passed the real TEAS?

What is your definition of horrible? Did you score above your program's overall and/or section minimums? I ask because the TEAS isn't like a regular test and doesn't translate well to what is traditionally considered passing. Programs in my area have an overall 60 as a minimum passing score.

I scored slightly higher on the actual exam than the practice test overall. But in the context of minimums in my area, I wouldn't say I did horrible on my practice test. (I have the numbers if you're curious but excluded them because I get very long-winded at times and you might not actually want such specifics).

Make sure to look over the Topics to Review section of your practice tests to help you focus your studying since you only have a few weeks before your test.

The college I want to attend requires a 72% on the reading and a 69% for mathematics. And the minimum score total is a 64%. On my practice test I scored

Reading 66%

Math 43.8%

And over all i made is 56%

I would like to no your scores if you dont mind sharing.

Also to add I scored much higher in the practice test in the ATI TEAS book.

Reading 72%

Math 64%

I would like to no your scores if you dont mind sharing.

The only reason I have all these numbers is because I was the first person of my friends to take this new version and they wanted the nitty gritty details. I took both the online practice tests and the one in the book and averaged the 3 scores together or this post will get overwhelming. I did the worst on the practice test in the book.

My overall score improved by 19.3 points (28.9%) from the first time I took the practice tests but only by 4 points (4.9%) after studying and retaking the practice tests. After retaking the practice tests, the only studying I did was glancing at some grammar rules in my car for 5 minutes before walking in to take the TEAS.

I officially had a little over 3 weeks to study for my test from the time I was able to get it scheduled but I actually was only able to study for the TEAS for about 10 or so days over that time frame.

Before studying (averaged together)

Overall - 66.7

Reading - 80.9

Math - 78.1

Science - 48.9

English - 54.2

After I took the practice tests the first time, I looked over the Topics to Review from the online score sheets and highlighted the topics that appeared on both. I mainly focused on studying the identified topics for the science and English sections because I was stretched for time. A lot of my mistakes in the math and reading sections came from not reading the questions carefully and answering questions that weren't actually asked.

After studying (averaged together)

Overall - 82.0

Reading - 93.6

Math - 86.0

Science - 73.4

English - 70.9

The second time around I actually slowed down a little and stopped assuming what the question would be. It helped but I was scared that I was only remembering the answers because I had previously taken the practice tests.

Actual Exam

Overall - 86.0

Reading - 95.7

Math - 96.9

Science - 72.3

English - 79.2

I've posted previously about the actual test:

https://allnurses.com/teas-exam-help/has-anyone-taken-1068729.html#post9189425 (the person that posted after me scored like a 97, be sure to read their experience too.)

This post also has people's experiences with the TEAS 6.

Make sure you make a plan for studying since you only have a few weeks before your test. Also keep in mind standardized test-taking strategies. Good Luck! :)

Wow. Thats crazy how you improved so much in a little time frame.

Thank you and i have wrote out what i scored low in and im going to work on it then take the practice again.

I recently took the TEAS 6. Studied for about a month. I originally planned to study one chapter of the practice books every day until the exam but that just didn't happen. I ended up studying really hard just a week leading up to the exam and did fine. Scored 80.7% overall. Basically the test is going to be very hard for you if you aren't good at reading and comphrehension. It was mostly (in my opinion) knowing how to read questions. The science was sticky though. Make sure to brush up on your basic bio. And make sure you eat a nice size healthy meal before you go in. I unfortunately didn't eat enough and got hungry towards the end. It's a 3 hour test and you aren't supposed to be allowed to access anything once you sit down so be prepared.

I would of done better if I didnt second guess myself. I have not taken A&P or chemistry only high school and I do not remember any of it.

I am taking mine the Thursday before Christmas. I am hoping to do good probably won't be able to study till the week of. Hoping the information I learned on my prerequisites will help. Is it true you can use calculators?


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