ATI TEAS 6 Advice and Recommendations!

  1. Hey everyone,
    As we all know and fear.. the new ATI TEAS 6 came out yesterday (AUGUST 31st 2016).
    If you have taken the ATI TEAS 6, please feel free to update the rest of us on how it was for you. As well as, any tips on studying and review materials that you found helpful!

    Thank you.
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  3. by   ilynsd94
    I took the new teas 6 on the 1st and I made a 80. The only thing I used was the ati study manual from the website and it is really all you need. I would recommend that you just study the manual and take your time when taking the test. I was tired and rushed through the last two sections but luckily I still made an 80 which my proctor said was the highest he had seen so far.
  4. by   rhodayyx3
    That awesome! Congratulations and thank you for the input!
  5. by   sjs8789
    I have a few questions! I hope you don't mind.... I'm taking my test on the 8th so I'm just trying to gather all info possible ! Did you get a calculator? And did you take any of the ATI practice tests? What are the main topics or body systems we should focus on for anatomy/physiology? And what kind of chemistry questions were there?
  6. by   TheCommuter
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  7. by   ilynsd94
    Yes they provide a calculator on the math section. I did not take the practice tests mainly because of time. I was a mixture of all the systems in the AP section but just study what is in the manual to prevent from studying more than you need too because everything they asked on the test is in the manual. I did not have chemistry at all on my test it was mostly all AP. Hope this helped Good Luck!
  8. by   ahlayzaa17
    by any chance you used the practice test that they have online @ATI
    Did it help you?
    and was it similar to the real test?

    Am going to be taking the TEAS 6 around October and want to prepare it.
    Thank you!
    Congrats for scoring 80!
  9. by   TruckerWife
    Good morning
    I'm taking the TEAS 6 in 3 weeks, and I wanted to know about the practice quiz in the study manual for the science portion, were any of those questions on the test. I've been studying the manual but I am so nervous.
  10. by   ilynsd94
    No I did not do any of the practice tests from ATI but I did the ones in the manual and the questions on the test are very similar to the ones in the manual but the exact questions.
  11. by   beautynavata12
    Hi iLynsd94,

    Sorry to bother. For the math section, is the math questions on the Teas 6, the same compare to the math questions in the study manual? Did you had to work fractions, example 2 2/9 + 1 2/18? For the science section did you learn other materials apart from the once in the study manual? Did you had to label? Example the skeleton system?

    Sorry for asking a lot of questions.
  12. by   crazydoglady89
    I have a question about the reading section. I apologize, I googled and searched for this but could not find the answer!

    Does the reading passage for multiple questions (reading passage followed by 5 questions or so on the passage) stay on the screen as you answer the question?

    I have taken tests before (not standardized) where the passage GOES AWAY after you click to the next question and you can't click back, and I wasn't prepared for that. Please say it's not the case on the TEAS!
  13. by   beautynavata12
    I'm back again. Apologize for bothering you. For the reading section, did you had Distinguish between facts and opinion, biases and stereotypes. The passage you had to read is the same compared to the once in the study Manuel?

    Thanks Again
  14. by   clina
    Yes the new test is the same as version 5 when it comes to reading and English. The only difference is a calculator available for math and mostly a&p questions.