Any tips for new grad in NICU?

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Hi everyone,

I am a new grad RN that is starting in the NICU this weekend. Any tips/advice you can give would be appreciated. I am getting nervous. You don't really learn a lot about sick infants in school. I have been reading the Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care but any personal tips or advice you have would be appreciated.


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Hi there i am also a new grad and I am from San Diego.

I was just offered a position in the NICU but am torn if I should specialze so soon. My instructors keep telling me that i need to go to a med/surg or tele floor for a year and then the NICU.

Did you ever get that from instructors or other experienced nurses?

I was wondering if you ever got any info on any good books on NICU nursing and I also was wondering how long your training program is going to be?

Mine if i take the position will be 9 weeks long -even though I don't know if that's enough time.

Well good luck to you!

Oh and have you taken your NCLEX yet?

I take mine next Wednesday and am so scared !

I hope it was okay to post a reply?

Caroline in San Diego

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Read this thread, it has good info re: the year in med-surg debate.

Also there are stickies @ the top of this forum that are helpful. I would answer you, but it's been done---really.


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Lefthander1975 Caroline,

Med-surg will not help you in the NICU. You may develop some time management skills (as a job in ANY area will give you), but quite honestly, you'll develop some functional time management skills within a few weeks anyway.

If you want to work in the NICU, take the position!


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Hi Lefthander1975--First of all--GOOD LUCK on your NCLEX!! And congratulations on the position you've been offered. If you are passionate about NICU, and you know that is what you want to do--then you go for it--there is no need to do med-surg first--none of it will apply in the NICU. I started in neonatal 13 years ago as a new grad--and the orientation I received was better than any education I recieved in nursing school. As many of us have posted here--it is possible to do NICU as a new grad and to be very successful. It depaends on where your passion and your heart is at...

Grab up that job--and don't second guess yourself. Enjoy orientation. It will probably be the most intense part of your education to this point.

Please let us all know how the NCLEX goes for you. Best of luck!!! Cindy

Oh and have you taken your NCLEX yet? I take mine next Wednesday and am so scared !

I hope it was okay to post a reply?

Caroline in San Diego

Hi, Caroline--I'm also a new grad, but I'm still waiting on my authorization to test. What have you done to prep for the NCLEX? Probably not a good thing to be scared--there are a number of good review books if that's your "thing." Personally, I do better with online stuff (maybe a good thing, since the NCLEX is on the computer). I'm getting the Mosby NCLEX review online today--it's good for 30 days unlimited use. It is supposed to be just like the NCLEX in format and type of questions, and apparently also mimics the harder-easier pattern based on whether we get the last question right, just like the NCLEX.

Just a thought--I'll keep you in my thoughts next Wednesday.

And as far as it being OK to post a reply? YOU BETCHA!!! :p Welcome to allnurses!

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