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Hey everyone! Just wondering if there are any nurses on here that have worked/are working at JPS in Fort Worth. I graduated in May 2010 with my associates in nursing and am very interested in JPS. I am currently working in a long term care facility and have for the past 2 1/2 years( I graduated as an LVN back in 2007). Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, things you like, don't like, or just general info, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I completed my associates about 7 months ago and passed NCLEX-RN 5 months ago. I also have more than four years of LVN experience.

I interviewed with a unit manager at JPS last month for an RN II position. She said she'd recommend me for hire at the very end of the interview, but I received a rejection email a couple of weeks later. I had even followed up with a "Thank You" card approximately 1 day after the interview took place.

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I had a totally different experience at John Peter Smith Hospital:loveya:

But, in all fairness, I am a Travel Contract RN.

I can't believe they turned down a living breathing nurse to work Staff! Their are so many shift slots being filled with contract staff that sometimes there wasn't (most of the time) a staff RN on the unit. Agency RNs and LPNs are rampant, and for the most part, many had been there for over a year!

It was an epic place to work, I loved 99% of the time spent their, just got home sick and would always have to come home awhile. The nursing staff, the medical staff, and the ancillary staff were all great majority of the time. There is an excitement in the air as it is an intercity hospital serving the lower income area of Fort Worth and surrounding areas. The culture is great, the charting computer systems are easy to learn, and medical mistakes are low b/c of their bracelet scanning system.

I hope you have an excellent and exciting career!!! Blessings!!!!!

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I work at JPS and can say anything bad about the training I have received there. As a new nurse I felt that they trained me and did not just throw me to the wolves. I love my coworkers and the relationships between the Dr.s and nurses. In my opinion a great place to work.

txmommyof3, how did you get started at JPS? I have sent so many applications to them, just to be turned down a few days later. It sounds like a great place to work and learn a ton but I guess they won't consider new grads?

Thanks!! :)

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I can't believe they turned down a living breathing nurse to work Staff!
Although I have 6 years of nursing experience, none of it is acute care hospital experience. Therefore, they would have had to invest some time and money into training me, which probably factored quite heavily into their decision not to hire me.
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I applied last year for the GN positions. I was interviewed and got the word that I got the job a week before graduation. I know from my graduating class there were 8 hired for various positions. Keep at submittig applications and call to HR also to let them know you are very interested.

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