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Any Suggestions??


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I think you'd have to ask the individual programs that you'd be interested in. I'm sure the policy varies. I think at our school you have to have a letter of good standing from the previous school to be considered for transferring in. Good luck to you.

If you graduate from either type of program, you are an RN, so if that was your goal, there are certainly several ways to get there.

But before you enroll in ANY new program, you need to figure out what went wrong in your last one and fix it. Education is expensive, and if you keep making the same failing grades, you're just throwing money away. You're also taking a seat in a classroom that maybe another student could have filled and succeeded.

At what level were you when you accrued these failures? Were you successful as a freshman and sophomore then encountered problems with the nursing major in your junior or senior year? Or have you had difficulty with college work all along?

Start figuring out why you failed then go to work on fixing your deficiencies. You may have to take one or two steps back before you step up and make progress.

Tulip has some good advice...do you know what happened and what went wrong?

Best of luck to you!

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