Any School Nurse's out there giving H1N1 vaccinations ?


Just wondering if any of you have been asked to help the public health dept. in giving H1N1 vaccines when they become available ??

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We have been asked to participate in flu-shot clinics, some of which will be held in our buildings.

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I have not, and I hope they do not ask us to. I have an elementary school, and I just know that as soon as word gets out that the nurse gives shots, none of the little ones will ever want to come to my office again!!! But, I do see the benefit of having it at the school, so I would participate if necessary.

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we will be conducting 3 h1n1 immunization clinics for staff and students only.


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I work in a private school in Virginia (Pre-K - 8). Yes, the health department contacted me to help with H1N1 vaccinations and I agreed. However we are not doing them here at our school.


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I just found out this morning that our health department is providing a free vaccination clinic at our school as soon as the vaccine is available to us. I'm very excited. I think our school and parents will appriciate our efforts at prevention and vigilance.

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