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Hi allnurses,

I'm new here and I am currently a Pharmacy Technician who wants to change my career. I have always wanted to be a nurse but went with pharmacy instead just to get in the health field to take care of my children. My mother was a cancer patient and was taking many pills a day and that prompt me to get into pharmacy. When she spent her last hours dying from cancer, I wanted to really become a nurse. When I see people anywhere sick I get bothered and I want to help. It's just in me to become a nurse and it always has been. It is now my passion. I think I need to do it asap and not waste anymore time.

My question is, are there any online RN nursing schools that I can get into? I'd really like to start somewhere and because of my work schedule, I cannot study in the classroom and that's my problem just as many. If anyone knows of what I can do to get into the nursing field, please do tell.


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I think if you are looking at straight to RN you will find very few if any online RN courses. There are clinical etc to go through. May be worth checking the distant learning forum in the student section

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Many employers, and some state nursing boards, are very wary of online nursing schools. Check out your local not-for-profit brick-and-mortar colleges; many have online programs. A BSN from your local State U or private college may be better received than the same degree from Capella or any other purely on-line school.

You could also consider earning your ADN at a local CC and after passing the boards, do an on-line RN-BSN program. There are quite a few of these on-line programs offered by traditional brick-and-mortar schools (both private and state-related) that are both regionally and nationally accredited.

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Even attending a brick & mortar school, you may be able to take some or all of the pre-requisites & co-requisites online

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I've done quite a bit of research on this a while back...the conclusion is that there are NO credible online nursing programs unless you are already an RN seeking a BSN.

You could take a look at evening ADN programs. I think the classes start around 4pm though so a 9-5 job would probably not work. If your job is flexible it's not a bad option to look into, but you'll have no life for 3-4 years.