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Any NP's not practicing and if so why?

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Just curious re this subject. Co-workers wonder why in the world a person would work so hard for MSN/NP degree, but I'm really not excited about it. Did a brief stint with a company that I thought was disasterous. Don't really want to malign them in public, but was very disappointed with the job/pay/management. I gave notice, but didn't give lengthy explanation and declined exit interview. Some things just can't be fixed, so I wasn't up for discussion. I welcome any thoughts.

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I'm not sure if I totoally understand your message. I have worked along side of Psych NP's who have "quotas". to fill per "mandates" of their companies. I have seen some rather atrocious care-spending 5 minutes with apt. then rendering a dx/med change. On the other hand, I had also worked with a Psych NP who was in her own private practice who did superb work.

Some of the big industry companies farm out rent a docs too. Is this what you are referring to?

I am not a NP but am an RN with advanced degree-who also has considered getting the NP for prescription priv's. But I could never do the 10 minute deal-to make some CEO rich.

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traumaRUs has 27 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

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I have a friend who did the FNP route, worked 5 months for an insurance company and quit saying this wasn't what she wanted to do.

Otherwise, all the APNs I know are working as APNs.

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Like traumaRUs pointed out, the APNs I know are still actively practicing. I'm sure there are some who find out after their education that this is not what they want and then seek other avenues. This happens in all career choices.

I, for one, have practiced as NP for many years. Until recently, full time. My career has since taken another direction. Although I stay active as NP on a prn basis, my full-time career is as medical-legal consultant.

Since you've had a bad experience with one company, try not let that jade you on the entire profession. But, I gather you are wanting to do something else besides clinical NP?

Yes, you can go into education if this is something you desire. You might consider expanding your education to doctorate level and teach in a university. You could consider other areas that need MSN-prepared RNs:

Healthcare Administration/Education


(pursue) CRNA

Nursing Leadership

These are but a few. Maybe sit back, make a list of the pros and cons of your career choice, your long and short terms goals, and go from there.

Good luck.

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My most supportive, all time awesome mentor in the ICU was an FNP who came back to work (with me! yes!) as an RN. She had a bad work experience with a physician group who disrespected her. Recently she ventured out again - working as an NP part time in a clinic for the homeless. She loves it. The autonomy and patient population is so much more her style.

I'm still a student, but I imagine NP jobs can be like RN ones (?). Some good, some not so good. Is it possible there's a place out there that would be a better work environment/fit for you?

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