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  1. Prayers for COVID patients?

    It’s your beautiful intention that counts. Precision of the exact words not so much.
  2. New nurse, asthma, Covid-19, What do I do?

    Old bat former ICU/CCU. Surgical ICU, Neuro ICU, psych nurse here:::: Now much of this depends on how large a city you live in. What about a site that does ophthalmology surgery. Of course you’d only find that in a big city most likely. Yes, you’d be...
  3. Acute COVID, What We're Seeing

    This is exceptional information. Please send it pronto to leaders in the field,both medical and governmental.
  4. Completely Devastated

    I do not agree with the ADD or Adhd "route" necessarily. If you are a bit older, new learning make take some time. With that said, there is an added bonus of accumulated wisdom with older folks (i.e. am referring to myself as I refer to someone 'olde...
  5. Haitian Relief Efforts-Nurses, we need you!

    Yes, a very desperate situation. Let us also put a lot of pressure on the bigger medical corporations to increase donations-stat. The big sports conglomerates also... From my understanding, the need for even basic comfort meds, i.e. pain meds for cru...
  6. New Rn Fired For Bgl Issues

    I am so very very pleased for you. Nontheless, what a heartache you had to endure. Even though LTC places are certainly not all the same, I do not believe it is a place for newer grads to work, for many reasons. Again, as I posted before I hope you t...
  7. call offs

    Oh yea, the QA board sure sounds effective... now we have nursing staff facing a "parole board". An administrator at one of the local nursing homes was a no show for many days, did not even provide a phone contact for when the DOH came to audit...and...
  8. Yes, try your local MRDD group homes. Or better yet-maybe a day program where there would be a few other nurses. I've worked in this field in the past and if this is truly your interest, you would be a Godsend.
  9. Abandonment issues!

    Indeed that is bullying, abuse, whatever you want to call it. Can you imagine, being offered Compazine, then being asked to work-ridiculous. Leave the job.
  10. Bronx-Lebanon

    I hope others join in here. BLEB is on the main drag. It is fairly near Yankee Stadium.While the neighborhood used to be atrocious, I believe it is truly on the upswing. This is a perfectly reasonable question, and i would not hesitate asking the rec...
  11. New Rn Fired For Bgl Issues

    It has been thirty years since I've graduated (RN). I am ever so grateful that I had the opportunity to have a supportive management and orientation for my first job. This was at a mjaor medical center in NYC. With that said, they ran us ragged too, ...
  12. Floor nurse seeking guidance

    Oh my! That surely is a case of psychobabble from the administrator. When the Titanic did not have enough lifeboats, that was not a "external locus of control" problem of those who were frustrated trying to rescue people. I would ask- has the admin...
  13. "Escorted" out of work

    I work as a consultant to nursing homes, and have been licensed,oh, for about 30 years. I am seeing a horrific trend in which DONs are physically escorted out of the building. A typical scenario is this-staffing is cut, the DON (understandably) gets ...
  14. Rats.. the forum was updating so I lost my reply. I've read many of the posts on borderline/alternative methods,etc. This really has been thought provoking. I also believe relationships heal. I also believe that DBT is a very strong,workable method. ...
  15. LTC consulting

    Are you kidding? This is an excellent idea. You might want to also consider teaching: 1) Strategies for the patient with dementia,etc. 2) Smoking cessation. I wish there were more nursing entrepreneurs in this area. Otherwise other specialists who...