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Anyone have any notes that they have made they could share? I like many resources It helps me learn more. I have a hard time focusing all my attention reading pages upon pages of books. I like quick notes, facts are easier to get my attention. and I still don't understand then I can go more in depth with reading.

Looking for notes on Health Differ. 1, 2, & 3/ Transitions to RN!! :loveya:

Thanks a bunch!



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I also used studygroup 101. very inexpensive, 9.99. and worth every penny and of course excelsior practice exams. I am currently on Lifespan 3 now, testing Juy 8th! First date I could get. Which one are you on now?


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Hey Lisa-have you tried joining the Yahoo groups--freehelpexcelsiorstudents and/or ExcelsiorRNstudygroup. Both of these groups, once youve joined have a 'Files' section that have lots of notes and helpful hints for all of the courses--they are for the most part filed according the the NC series (NC1-NC7) but theyve helped me several times. Ive also PMed you.



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I'm currently on Transitions, very boring and some stuff just is not clicking.


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When are you planning on taking Transitions? I am planning on taking it soon!!


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I was hoping to take it on a Saturday mid June but there are absolutely no dates available in June but 2. I really wish that Pearson Vue had more times to chose from it's been difficult trying to get a test date to fit my schedule. Anyways I am taking June 26th.

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I would recommend an NCLEX-RN review book. Saunders was a great help to me.

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