Any month-long programs to get continuing ed credits all at once?


Does anyone know if there are residential education programs, perhaps in the summertime, where an RN can enroll in a program lasting for multiple weeks and get a great many continuing education credits done all at once? There seem to be few local options for continuing education where I live in rural northern California. Plus I wouldn't mind escaping the summer heat for a few weeks... Thanks for any information!

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Boston College's School of Nursing has a strong department of continuing education. (and a little expensive...) I bet if you want to visit the Boston/New England area you could arrange the timing for a "CE Blitz" while here.

I wouldn't overdo it on the CEs though, unless you just really want to go crazy. If you get more than you need you can't carry them over to the next licensing period...

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Just how many CEUs do you need? Are you looking to travel and get credits or just get credits quickly? I got all mine for FL in less than two

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Multi-day conferences offer a lot of CEs. Can you not get them through work? I get more than enough at work.

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I do all mine via mail or online. I am based in California, do the 30 hr all through one company. Do an online search for CEUs RN California. Good luck.