Any last minute tips?

Nursing Students NCLEX


other than pneumonics of infection control? help please :(

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Yes, do questions, questions, questions, then the day before relax, go for a walk, have lunch with a friend, shop, whatever relaxes you, go to bed early and sleep, get up eat breakfast and relax, you got this, you got through the crucible of nursing school, you know your stuff, enjoy the test, don't let negative ideas take hold, YOU WILL PASS THIS TEST, good luck to you, and let us know.

Relax the day before. Rest your brain and practice your relaxation techniques.

Get your self some sleep the night before. I wasnt able to login even 1 minute of sleep during my time. Dont forget to write something motivational on your erasable board. I've placed there. "FOCUS, QUALITY, PATIENCE"

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