Any hints on organizing patient info?

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Hi all! I've been in orientation for two weeks now and just yesterday worked on the floor for the first time with my preceptor. The first thing we did was pick up the paperwork on each patient and look up labs/meds/ treatments. She told me I would develop my own system for how to organize my paperwork, what to write down and where. I would love to hear from any and all of you specifics about how you organize this info. Please describe in as great detail as you can: "I draw a line and list these things on this side ..." I am interested in learning about what systems people have created for themselves that help keep info recorded in a standardized fashion. Thanks!

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I have microsoft and I was able to open the file just fine. I dont think the mac thing has much to do with it. Maybe ur antivirus spyware is just super, lol

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oops, wrong post

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