Any GUH nurses out there?

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Are there any current GUH employees out there? I was looking for your thoughts on what it's like to work at GUH. Any things that stand out at GUH - what makes this hospital different/better/more challenging from the others you've seen?How do the benefits generally compare to other hospitals?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm an out-of-town, soon-to-be-new-grad who is trying to look at a variety of hospitals, with a particular interest in ED.

Thank you.

GU has no openings until February 2010, nevermind the postings on their website. They have an 87% rate for BSN and MSN nurses at bedside, as stated by their nurse recruitment office. The direct number for nursing recruitment is 202-444-1215. If you're interested in ED, check out the Washington Hospital Center and Baltimore Shock Trauma. It doesn't get anymore 'emergency' than that:)

Thank you for quick and thorough response to my post. I am already looking into WHC and GWUH. I'm just trying to get a feel for other hospitals that stand out in the D.C. area.

Thanks for the input. If anyone else would like to talk about their experiences at GUH, then I'm all ears. Also, I'd love to hear from the locals about hospitals that nurses generally think are great places to work.

Thanks again.

Specializes in Neurosurgical ICU.

I got hired at GUH but I don't start until July. Everyone there seemed really happy both when I interviewed and when I shadowed.

I don't know about which hospitals are well regarded, honestly. You will hear people trash talk just about every hospital, I've noticed, you just have to try and see where you feel comfortable - also note what their complaints are - some have more merit than others.

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