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I am new to the boards and am looking for some Georgia students and or nurses. I am waiting on my applications to 2 programs in my area and am always looking to hear from others who may have experience with schooling in the Atlanta area. I have applied to an ADN program offered through North Georgia College at their satellite campus in Marietta. I would love to find someone out there who has any information on the program! :p

Thanks for reading!! I love these boards - Lots of information that makes me feel like I am not the only one going through the craziness of it all:eek:


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I am in my first semester at Kennesaw!!

Have you applied at KSU yet?


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Kennesaw and Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer are the best in town!!

Good luck...


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thanks Randall.......

Looking forward to this first semester being over with though!!

Are you in school or already graduated?

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Thanks for posting. No, I am not able to go to KSU.....I am a very non traditional (closing in on 40!) mother of 2 so I cannot go the longer BSN route I am afraid. I live right in Kennesaw so it kills me to have to pass on it though! In the back of my mind I am thinking I will probably move up to a BSN after I get some work experience and earnings under my belt. Good luck to you!


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I am the non-traditional one. I am 46 and a mother of 2!! I have been at KSU for a year and a half getting my prerequisites out of the way and finally am tackling the actual Nursing curriculum now.

You can do it. If you need a push to get going in that direction let me know.



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Hi my name is Lisa and I'm currently going to Ga. Perimeter College. I too am a non-traditional (30 year old) I have applied to No. GA College for Fall semester, but may elect to finish my pre-reqs and go into the nursing program in the Fall of next year. I work full-time, and am just not ready to give up that full-time salary yet. but who knows, if I get an acceptance letter, I may not wait!

Good luck to you all!


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Hey Lisa.....

I guess you already figured out that it is impossible to work full time and go to Nursing school!! It does demand alot of your time.

I bet when you get the acceptance letter you decide to do it!!

No time like the present. good luck


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I too am a non-traditional student---43yr old married with no children but tons of other responsibilities. I graduate in May with BSN.

KrisMac, not to start the BSN/ADN debate but I think you should just go for the degree that you really want. If Kennesaw is close to your home at least you wouldn't have the travel time in the awful Atl traffic!!! What other program did you apply for?

Zander--congrats on sticking with it. It is hard sometimes to press on. The next two years will just fly by and this time 2004 you will be close to graduation. It is tough, isn't it?

Good luck



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Hey Zander! I'm in my second semester of clinicals at Kennesaw State. How u liking it?


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Hey, all!

I'm a GA student, but I'm in Coastal Georgia! Only about an hour south of Savannah and an hour north of Jacksonville, FL.

I'm in an ADN program here, and I'm also a non-traditional student! I only had about 8 weeks of school left when I finally quit my job!

School definitely takes up too much time!!!

Good luck!!



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Hey! I start clinicals next week at Crawford you might want to ask how the first semester is going then!! :-)

Just kidding........actually it is going really well but ready to get on with it.

How is the second semester?

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