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Hey guys. I have decided to enlist in the Military. I am hoping to become a Medic either in the Navy, or Air Force or even the Army. (I use the word "Medic" Loosely, I know that each branch calls them different things ) So just curious any Veterans here who are now pursuing a Career in Nursing? Or in health care for that matter.

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I know this is on the male nursing section, but I'm a vet. Spent 4 years Army active duty as a Track Vehicle Repairman fixing M-1 engines, got the GI bill and made it through college. There are others I've known who were male, were a medic in the military and now an RN.


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Former 19D, Cavalry Scout. FYI plain old "veteran" is the term ("former" is redundant). Just be aware that you will probably end up doing a ton of stuff other than your MOS if you go Army. Not saying bad not saying good, that's just how it is. I went airborne and instead of Ft Bragg as I expected, ended up in an armored cav regiment and then overseas, back in the day.


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us army here ,15tango avaiton mechanic

lvn program currently

if you decide to enlist and want a guaranteed medical field , army is the way to go, navy and air force cant gaurantee that, but they do have a better quality of life. look into mos 68p radiology, , any 68 series is good goood luck message me if you have questions

You can get a guaranteed job in all branches of service. It may delay your entry, but you can get the job you want AND are qualifed for. Each branch offers unique missions. It boils down to what kind of medic you want to be.

I'm in the Air Force and my mission is aeromedical evacuation, meaning I'm a flight medic. I work as a paramedic/firefighter on the outside. And I'm currently in a BSN program at a local university. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have.



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USMC... Avionics (Swing with the Wing, baby)


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11B US Army here, Combat Infantryman and a current PN Student in southern Indiana!


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I was a medic in the Army, and am starting nursing school next month.


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I was a medic with a CAV unit got out challenged LVN worked as an LVN through BSN program and have ben an RN for almost 2 years. The training you will get in the military as a medic is way more advanced than what an RN is taught you wont get all of your training in AIT but if you go to a good unit you will be sent for advanced medical training. The bottom line is nursing school will be a piece of cake the hardest part will be transitioning from the medical model to the nursing model. A medic is basicaly a nurse but take away compassion. And you will probably get alot of help with paying for school.


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AD USAF Surgical Tech here. You wont find better healthcare then what the Air Force and Navy offer. All of us in medical (in all branches) train together while the Army still prefers last decade isolationist teaching quality. Military experience was the best thing I could have done. Got tons of experience. Now I'm looking into going for RN.


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Active duty RN here, also female.

Navy and Army are over-strength on their corpsmen and medics respectively. Word when I was at Bethesda was that they were getting pretty selective with who they sent for training. It'll be a tough MOS to obtain. I can't speak for AF, but I would assume they're in the same boat, or at least paddling close behind.

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