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I have been looking into BSN programs to begin in the fall, with my work schedule online courses seem to be the best option. I have never taken an online course and would like to know if it is worth it. They claim to be accredited but I am concerned that the degree may not be recognized. Has anyone earned or in the process of earning a degree online?:confused:


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Hi. Not earning a degree on-line but am enrolling in a statistics course over the summer online. I am curious of the experience it will be, but since math isn't my strong point, I think an on-line course in that area will make me feel more relaxed.

I do know some students who are in my program now that attempted to get their MSN completely on-line and weren't successful. One of them stated that is was difficult to stay on task and needed the motivator of having to go to class and be accountable for readings. So..she left the on-line courses and enrolled in a traditional MSN program.

Personally I feel that there are benefits to classroom interaction for ANY degree that can't be met via computer. I am not opposed to on-line classes (obviously) but am not fond of total on-line programs. I'm sure it's a wave of the future, which, I'm still undecided if that's a good or bad thing. But only you can make that choice for yourself.

Good luck with your BSN!


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Please, see my and other responses to the thread titled LPN-RN by correspondence Help, on this forum.

You do not specify what school you are talking about, but looking at this thread may help answer some of you questions.

If you have questions about accredidation then you need to specify the school and course. Recognized by whom?


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I have completed my post grad diploma in community mental health by distance education in Canberra Australia and having contact with the universty lecturers(in the next state) via net using email and conferencing.Past the course ok however did have some frustrations innot being able to talk to lecturers at times when I wanted too.I am doing my masters the same way in both cases they send you the course work which consists of weekly modules with the readings included ,each module has learning activities that help you to understand the subject matter.Its a good way for me to do the course as i work full time mainly working night duty so i can get some of the readings done at night and jot notes down with points & references for me to write up at home .I then email all my assignments to the uni easy as anything.

Hi, I'm brand new to this site, but I read your message & wanted to reply. I'm currently taking a biology class on line as a pre-requisite, & it's going very well. I like being able to do my class at home, it's very convenient to study & take tests at home & submit papers by mail. I'd personally like the on-line course a lot, but I think it has to be a personal choice that you're comfortable with. I don't think taking it on-line takes anything away from the value of the class. I think I've learned more because since you're completely self-reliant on yourself to keep up on material, you study twice as much! only disadvantage is no personal interaction at all with other students or the professor. No Biggie, though. Sometimes other students are very distracting in a regular classroom setting!


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Hi, huggietoes...

I do have first-hand experience with online classes... have been taking BSN-MSN classes for over a year. Recently, I finished 9 credits last semester and am currently taking 6. I do work full-time and like being able to having some choice about the hours and times I study. do assignments, tests, etc... Some of my RN friends also do online college... (note the time of this reply)...

All curriculums are as accredited as on campus and all classes are as complex and recognized. The degrees are the same and in no way should or do reflect whether classes were on campus or online. I would feel quite comfortable demonstrating my online learning in any class, compared to a student in the same class at campus. I am a perpetual student and often do more and go farther than a course requirement.

...There is every degree possible available online and many from very top-notch schools - BA, MA, BS, MS, RN-BSN, RN-MSN FAST track where a few of your last BSN classes are masters level and can be credited to both degrees, many certificate programs,

paralegal, JD, etc...

Definitely are pros and cons to online classes... Often, many feel that they are more work than the same class at campus (same requirements - nothing spoon fed). Most all schools use the Blackboard software platform for managing classes, which I really like. I am quite impressed with how well presented and structured the material, resources, and methods of testing are. The courses all seem to have a weekly schedule with readings, assignments, projects and tests with due dates for submission via a box on the site or by EMail. Many other classes have weekly discussion forums where all the students must discuss, interact, and post information on a specific topic. For some classes, I have at times been required to take a midterm or final on-campus. I have had no problem communicating with most all the professors and do feel that their is enough support - just a non-conventional kind. I almost always get really prompt EMail replies to questions or concerns.

...Everyone is a different kind of learner - some prefer auditory, some hands on, some visual. I've always done well with reading and self-programmed learning styles. I tune out if I'm in too large class, am tired, too warm, uncomfortable, etc... or the prof. is

boring... so, it really works well for me...

I am not young and have often said I wished online education was available years ago... I'd probably have a string of degrees...

.....Good Luck!

.....Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance... (Samuel Johnson)...


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I just want to say I appreciate all the info on the various ways to obtain degrees. All of you input is great. Cindy stated what it took me 2 weeks to discover requiring alot of research. I talked to someone that said that her friend is in a program, I think Colorado University....via online. She did have to fly to Colorado for 2 clinicals, but didn`t mind that. One requirement is that you meet in a chat classroom, and you must respond to 50% of the questions/subjects other students present. She claims that is getting old, and she wants to tell them..... stop all the questions. But of course you can`t do that. I woould suppose an instructor could be a contributor, so you may not always realize who you would be contacting. Also I heard that each program is set up differently and you really have to ask alot of questions. This one gal I know is pretty sharp, attended on campus RN-BSN completion program, it wasnt until she was well into the program that they learned clinicals were involved. Which were in unfavorable inner city locations, and were all day mondays equaling 90 hours. Many of which had to drop out because of Mon- Fri jobs. I cannot imagine receiving such pertinent info half way thru a program. That is why I am doing alot of investigating gathering info from those that have been there. I am going as a guest to a on campus accelerated RN-BSN completion program 3/28, supposedly no tests, lots of papers and projects, it is a 61 mile drive one way, and live in Mich. where traveling can get mean in the winters, not to mention experiencing a little night blindness in my 40 something years, trying to weigh it all out.

Cindy if you could email me privately I would like to ask you more about the specific program you are in. [email protected]


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Have you looked into Excelsior College? I'm not sure of their web address but they are completely long distance with only clinical testing that takes place on a weekend, in addition to nursing theory exams that take half a day a piece.

Good Luck!


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Hi, again:

I found Excelsiors web site it is the former Regents Univ. program.

There fees are a little sketchy, as with most programs it can be a real challenge to find out the total cost, especially the way the Excelsior has theirs set up.

If anyone knows of a ...ball park figure... for the BSN completion program I would appreciate it. I am investigating several programs and up to my eyeballs with info. Attending an orientation to look into one program tonite, Spring Arbor, Michigan.



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I was previously enrolled in the Excelsior program. Beware that for LPN-RN the "registration" fee was $785.00 and each yearly renewal is around $300.00. When you take your tests, you also have to pay the facility where you test at-(I used Sylvan) and depending on the test, can cost you anywhere from $150.00 -$300.00 per test. There are also various other fees-graduation is $400, etc. I am now enrolled in a traditional program-not because of the cost, but because I chickened out on the clinicals-they are pretty brutal. Any questions, please let me know, I will answer them the best that I can!



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Originally posted by robynrn2b

Beware that for LPN-RN the "registration" fee was $785.00

Holy Cow! :eek:

That is the cost of one graduate level course at a private college!! $800 bucks for registration??????



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I am enrolled in excelsior college and wondering how you heard about the clinical practice sessions. I only know of one person who actually did the clinical exam and passed the second time around... Do you know of other people's experiences? Would be really happy if you could share the info...(I am not sure how to contact you directly!!)



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