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I just submitted my application to DATC for the first time! Just wondering if any of you are also applying or have applied before. I know they are competitive but I'm just curious if any one has an idea what it takes to get in. Any experiences?


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Hi, I also applied to DATC for Fall 2011. I am anxiously waiting to receive a letter from them telling me whether or not I have been accepted. Have you heard anything? I did get an email back in the middle of March that said it should be around the first week in April when the letters go out. I think I have at least an average chance to get in this time around. I have a 3.7 GPA with all of their required pre and co-reqs completed. The only things that I don't have right now that would give me more points is 6 mo paid medical experience (I've only done volunteer work) and my degree, which I will be receiving on April 22nd. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and if it doesn't work out this first time then I will wait until my grades and degree post to my transcript and then apply again for Spring 2012. Good luck! I hope that we find out soon! Let us know when you hear something.


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I just applied for Fall 2012! When did you receive your letters? Did either of you get in?


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I am currently halfway through my second semester at DATC. In April I will graduate from the LPN program and I start the RN year through Weber/DATC in May. It took around six or so weeks after the application deadline to get my letter from the program. Most people don't get in the first time they apply, but I do know that at least 10% of my current class started a semester earlier than planned. For whatever reasons, sometimes people who get accepted don't actually attend. Some don't have a current CNA and are no longer eligible so they take people from the next semester and fill the spots. I was one of the people that got into a spot that opened up and will now graduate with my RN two semesters earlier than I originally planned! Good luck!!!


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Do you like DATC's program so far? I was just accepted into the nursing program at Weber State and the program at DATC. I'm having a hard time deciding which to choose. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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I really like DATC's program! We jumped right in with both feet and haven't looked back since. I know from talking to people that know both programs that they think DATC's program is more intense than Weber's. This includes one of my clinical instructors who graduated from Weber's BSN program. He told us that he thinks we are more prepared to join the workforce when we finish than most other graduates. I also know from talking to Weber students that their first semester clinicals were in LTC whereas ours were med/surg and labor and delivery in hospitals. Either of them are good schools, but only one has a 100% pass rate for the NCLEX LPN for the last several years. DATC was always my first choice and I haven't regretted it. Another thing that I like is we have a small group (40) and we go year round (if you start in August, January takes the summer off). Congratulations in your accomplishment and good luck with whatever you decide!

Samster10. I was in the same predicament being accepted to both schools. I chose DATC for the following reasons.

Significantly lower cost (tuition is about $ 1000 the first two semester than Weber).

Smaller school- less time finding parking, walking to class, etc.

If you are in the Fall Cohort you graduate in December. There are a lot fewer nurses that graduate in December and this may make it easier to find a job.

You really get to know your fellow students as well as the teachers and they are very willing to help you.

You don't have to worry about forgetting everything over a summer break.

The school really prepares you to take your NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN. You graduate with an Associate of Science degree and I too have heard that many DATC nursing graduates are more prepared to go into the work force than Weber graduates.

Good luck with your decision!


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Wow! Thank you both so much! I wish I would have checked to see if anyone had written back on here... it would have saved me lots of grief :) I ended up choosing DATC and I'm really glad I did. The faculty seems awesome and it will be so great to save money, have more clinical hours, and get done earlier! I start in 2 weeks!


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Samster, I will be starting in 2 weeks too. I am so glad I got accepted to the datc. I'm excited to finally start this journey.


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I just submitted my application to DATC for the first time! Just wondering if any of you are also applying or have applied before. I know they are competitive but I'm just curious if any one has an idea what it takes to get in. Any experiences?

For you guys that got accepted at DATC, what was your GPA for admission and did you work as a CNA? I'm applying for my second time with a 3.67 and healthcare experience. I am curious what my chances are!


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I applied for the first time for the Spring 2018 class; however, I didn't get in. I'm planning on applying again for the July 2018 class. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that it is extremely competitive...

- GPA is a 3.7

- 6+ years experience as a CNA (assisted living, skilled nursing, orthopedic trauma, newborn ICU)

- 100+ volunteer hours at a children's hospital

- Great references

- All prerequisites are complete. Currently taking pathophysiology, so I'll have all prerequisite and support courses completed by the time I apply a second time.

Starting in 2018 they will be requiring a PAX test.

Hopefully with pathophysiology completed, as well as a good PAX score, I'll FINALLY start a nursing program.

Lastly, when the 10 month program is complete, how much longer does it take to get your BSN through Weber State?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!


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I haven't taken patho yet... I'm hoping to get in for fall though. You know of anyone that has got in without having the pathophysiology support class completed?

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