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Any chances with a felony?

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Had some trouble back when I was about 18. Totally changed my life and have not been in trouble since. Live a honest life with a family and happily married now. Will my past be held against me? I am 32 will be 33 in a few months? How will the BON look at that? Thanx for your responses.

You need to discuss this with the BON of the state in which you would want to get licensed -- theirs is the only answer that matters! :)

Each state BON considers each situation like yours on an individual basis, taking into account all the relevant information, so no one here can give you a firm answer based on their own experience.

Your best bet is to contact your state BON and discuss your situation openly and honestly with them. It's important not to bother trying to hide anything from them because it will be much worse for you if they find out later (being dishonest with the BON can be grounds, by itself, for denying or revoking a license).

Best wishes! :balloons:

Thanx for the response, sometimes you need to hear things from other people. You are right, the BON is the only answer that matters. I will take your advice.

Maybe you can go online and look for the State Board Nursing site and see if there is a limitation on the number of years. Maybe it is so old that is does not matter. i would really try to find out before i went all the way through school. I know somebody with a 20 year old felony that has trouble getting a job (not in nursing). They went to school for something and after they graduated found out that this was a factor. Some companies don't consider it after 5 years, some 10 years and some don't accept no felonies. Good Luck. I think once you have paid your debt, it should eventually be forgot. How do they think you are suppose to better yourself if they keep reminding you of past mistakes?

TGIMN makes a good point that I didn't discuss -- I focused on the BON, since you mentioned them specifically in your original post.

Once you are licensed by the BON, every potential employer will have the right to make a decision about whether they want to hire you or not. All healthcare employers ask about legal history on applications now, and most do criminal background checks (so, again, there is no point in being evasive or untruthful in the first place -- if they find out that you failed to disclose something, that will eliminate you as a candidate right there). Some states have rules that require criminal background checks in healthcare and specify that employers cannot hire people with specific types of criminal records to work in healthcare (that varies greatly from state to state).

At the very least, you will be asked to explain your past history every time you apply for a job. Some employers will not have a problem, some will. There's no way to predict how much difficulty you will have. Maybe it's not fair, but that's the way it is. Nurses and other types of healthcare workers have a huge responsibility to the public and are often in situations where they could take advantage of vulnerable individuals (and that happens quite a bit, unfortunately), so the standards are very high in order to (try to) protect the public.

Congratulations on turning your life around, and best wishes. :)


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I had a misteminor and had to have it expunged


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I guess maybe it depends on what the actual charge was. If 7 years has gone by since the charge you can hire an attorney and fight to have it removed from your record (considering it has been clean since then). The courts will tell you it will be a permanent mark on your criminal record, but that is not correct for ALL felony charges. The only reason i bring this up is because it happened to a family member and the felony was taken off thier record.

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