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Any CCAC Fall 2020 RN students?

by QuasiHumerus QuasiHumerus (New) New Student

Hello, just wanted to know who all may be going into this Fall’s nursing program?

I’m beyond excited to get going; I’ve thought about doing this for an insanely long amount of time, and it’s finally all coming to fruition!

Hi, I will be going to the Allegheny campus this fall 2020! I’m super excited too. What campus are you going to?

30 minutes ago, Hex1013 said:

Hi, I will be going to the Allegheny campus this fall 2020! I’m super excited too. What campus are you going to?


I’ll be at South, during the evenings.

I’m currently taking a class at AC, well... It’s online now, but thats a very nice campus!

Did you attend the Zoom meeting last week, or so, ago?

I’m so curious to see what the new uniforms will be!

I’m looking forward to getting the welcome information that’s supposed to come out this week!

That’s awesome! CONGRATS! Yeah, I’m ready to start this process already. Yeah, I had a gym on zoom LOL. I know I didn’t have to take it, but I’m done with my pre-reqs so I took stats and gym. 🤷🏻. Did you do all your pre-reqs?

@Hex1013 CONGRATS to you, too!!

Gym on Zoom?! LOL. So curious about what that was like!

As for pre-reqs, it was thought that they were all complete bc I have a BA from Pitt with a slew of upper level psych courses, so advising told me that my 230 would transfer for my 108. Then I found out, kind of last minute, that they were wrong. 🙄 So, I’m lined up for Psy108 in the second Summer session.

other than that, pre-reqs are done, but I’m knocking out co-reqs, too.
I'm in A&P1 and MicroBio now, A&P2 is lined up for first Summer session.
then the psy108, then nothing but NUR after that, starting in the fall 🙂

are you done with co-reqs, too?

I wish there were more folks here!

in previous semesters, these new admission threads were booming!

ours is pretty quiet! 😂

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More people will probably come on. I’m done with all my co-reqs as well. I’ll just taking nursing classes this fall. Gym on zoom was interesting LOL but the teacher was really nice. That sucks that you have to take 108 even though you have all those psych classes .

Just got accepted at ccac North! I’m excited and nervous but grateful I got in! My first choice was Allegheny Day but I was placed at the North campus. I at least hope it’s day 🙏🏽🤞🏽I wonder what the schedule is going to look like. I have a full time daylight job 😬

Just got accepted to Boyce fast track. I wish I was excited but we might be moving back home to be closer to family. So bummed now. I really wanted to attend here. Ughhh.

Any others doing the fast track? If we stay, I would love to talk about the program with you.

Hey! I just got accepted to South day program. I’m so excited to start receiving more information soon.

I got accepted to Allegheny day program. I am excited, too! Does anyone get the package?

@Ho77777 I got accepted to the Allegheny day campus as well. But, I haven’t received a package yet. Did you?

@Hex1013 I did not. I am a bit nervous about it. Nice to meet you!