Any advice on how to group classes each semester and GPA question!!

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I am going to back school to complete my pre reqs for a second degree BSN or Accel BSN, and I could really use everyones opinion. This summer. I have taken Nutrition, Developmental Psych, and General Psych. I've done great in all 3, but I am nervous for Fall and Spring. As an undergrad, i was a business major but took gen chem and stats ( and did poorly). So this fall, I am taking those two only. I know that I will have A&P 1-2, micro, and possibly ochem as well. Any tips on which classes I should take together, to possibly balance out the more difficult with the "not as challenging" courses?

Also, because I am taking certain courses over again... how does a nursing school evaluate that? Do they think poorly of someone who, as an undergrad got C's, but is now able to get ALMOST all A's. (Im much more focused now!) :)

Advice is appreciated!



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It depends on which programs you are trying to enter. Most ABSN programs do have a GPA requirement of at least 3.0. However, there are a few that require at least a 2.5 GPA. Focus on which programs you will possible be interested in. On the other hand some programs only care about the GPA for the nursing prerequsities.

Just work really hard in your present courses. In light of that is happening in the economy, some econimists have said that fewer people will go into nursing school due to the money and the dearth of jobs. So that might work in your favor......but it depends on what programs who are interested in.

What programs are you interested in?


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Thanks AccelRN2010or2011-

Since I live in California, I'm looking at some of state schools in California. However, I am also interested in several of the out of state schools like UT Austin as well as, UIChicago, Villanova, and Penn State. I am still in the beginning steps of my college search, but I really just want to have a realistic grasp of my chances.


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It depends on your GPA of your BA degree. I know getting into nursing school in CA is like super competitive. Do a search on this site of students/applicants that have gotten into the programs that you are interested in and then contact some of those who post.

Honestly, I will tell you to focus on you prereqs.If you pull a 3.8 or above with your prereqs admissions might overlook a poor undergrad career since great grades shows a seriousness and determination where your education is concerned.

Thankfully I am just trying to enter a generic BSN program so I can finish my first degree.Nursing programs in NY alos don't have the severe backup that afflicts the system in CA.


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Be careful because a lot of schools in California don't let you retake classes. They will go by the first grade you received. I've found that attending info sessions at the specific programs is helpful and you can take a list of questions and get them all answered at once.

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I go to school in Cali and this is how I organized my pre-reqs (I already had a few under my belt from my BA):

Semester 1: Nutrition and General Chem

Semester 2: Microbiology (I was working, so just took this by itself)

Semester 3: A&P 1, Algebra and Interpersonal Communication

Semester 4: A&P 2 (summer class...intense!)

Semester 5: Organic Chemistry, Statistics, Anthropology, and English Composition

My advice would be to pair any "fluff" classes with the more intense science classes. Good luck!


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I'm in the same boat as you plus confused. I have a B.A. in psychology. I did poorly and my GPA is 3.0. What I want to know is if I have a chance of getting in a program? If i don't, I don't want to start prereqs.

I was thinking maybe an ADN program then an accel BSN?


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What I want to know is if I have a chance of getting in a program? If i don't, I don't want to start prereqs.

That's what I'm talking about! What if I do ALL this hard work over the next year and then I don't get in because I get one B or something? Around here, it's all gpa and points based, meaning if you don't have all A's and the max don't get in.

I'm almost reconsidering this whole nursing thing. With all the stress of trying to get in in the first place, and all the new grads not being able to find jobs in my almost seems like a stupid move to make in this economy.


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Here's how I see it. Take the prereqs and apply. I don't know if you like Occupatinal therapy, but the district and others where I was subbing they hire occupational therapy ASSISTANTS @ 25/hr.

You take an online course (the only one california) then if you want to become an occupational therapist you do another online program w/ a weekend per semester and then make about +70,000/year.

My sister is an assitant and they only work on art projects with special ed. children.

You still need anatomy and physiology.

You could also teach science with the prereqs. I've been doing that with my 15- year old nursing prereqs.


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You should see how many new RN grads. are crying for a job at I live in the L.A. area and there are practically no jobs. If there's one, they want years of experience.

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