Any Advice For A Bcc Nurisng Student?


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Hi. I'm New To The Site. This Place Seems Great.

I Recently Got Accepted Into The Clinical Phase Of The Nursing Program At Bronx Community College.

I'm So Incredibly NerVous Because I've Been Hearing Negative Things About This School For Years. I Feel Lucky Enough To Have Been Accepted Into The Nursing Program. But From What I Hear, Only About Half Of My Class Will Make It To Graduationl.

I Was Wondering If Anyone Has Graduated From This Program Or If Anyone Is In Their Third Or Fourth Semester And Can Give Me Some Adivce.

I Would Appreciate Anything Info Anyone Has To Give.

Thanks A Whole Lot!


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I graduated from BCC nursing program about 2 1/2 years ago. It can be done! What I disliked about BCC was the lack of student-professor relationship. Some professors are A. H. On the positive light... when you graduate you will have gained sooo much knowledge and will pass your NCLEX the first time.

As long as you study and wisely manage your time there you will do well.

Good Luck!

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