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Anxious about my new CNA job (need advice and encouragement!)

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by Jessie Wendt Jessie Wendt (New Member) New Member

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So I got my CNA license back in June of this year (2019)


I  just started a CNA job at a nice place! The people are very nice and helpful. But I’m extremely anxious about doing the job. There is so much to remember and I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious that I won’t Remember everything and I’ll mess up and get fired.  


Like I did okay getting vital from the machine but the respiratory rate I had trouble with because the machine already takes their pulse... so I can’t use the “imma check your pulse” then really be watching their cheat rise and counting that... so I’m like now what do I do?! 


I did on my own help move a resident from the bed to the chair I put the gait belt on like I should. But she threw her hands up to grab mine and I was like “ oh no I’m gotta grab the gait belt and we’re gonna go on 3” but as I did that “ the anxiety from her lifting her hands to grab me messed me up. And I grab her pants from behind and got her over to the chair. So I mean I accomplished the goal but I didn’t  do everything right... like I was taught... 


But I notice some CNAs use the resident pants to lift them up... I don’t correct them because I feel that’s not my place but anyways 


And I know it will take time to learn the residences and if they are limited 1 or ext 1 or 2 ,sb, SBA and what to do... and how everything works



Charting looks easy but it’s mostly knowing every resident... to make it easy and what to click...


I only mentions a couple things but I really want to do good at this job because I’m really trying hard to move to the next chapter of my life and become independent from my parents and live on my own (because I’m 27 and I had family trauma and was lost on my life and what I wanted to do. Being in and out of college and my brother doing hardcore drugs and having to be in constant survival mode for most my life. I ended up getting depression and anxiety/ I haven’t done illegal drugs in my life I feel like I should mention this) I’m scared of moving to the next chapter of my life but I know I need to! But I’m anxious about my job and messing up and getting fired and then being a failure again because just can’t get on a steady track... I want to do good in my life! 


I just really want to take care of people and make them smile and feel valued and loved in their life! Because I know how it feels not feel like ur not valued or loved and like a waste of space and I don’t want anyone to feel that way! 



Sorry for my anxiety ramble

But I hope I can get some support here and some advice 🙂


Thank you all for reading!!

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Congratulations on landing a new CNA job, that is so exciting. I will be totally honest with you, I was nervous for my first 6 months on the job when I was a CNA. It's new territory and new skills you've just learned, and just learning to maneuver around patients can be new and awkward. It sounds like you have good intentions and as long as you go in with a great attitude and a willingness to continue to learn, you'll do wonderful. If you don't understand something or need help with something, ask your nurses! That's what we are there for and 10/10 times I would rather stop what I am doing to help you learn, than you do something you are not comfortable with and potentially hurt the patient. Deep breaths, girl. You will rock it. 

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A new job is so exciting! I know I was excited when I got my CNA job. I will admit, I was so stressed out that I cried on my second day on the job. I later found out that the floor I was hired to work on is actually one of the heaviest floors to work on, and that I wasn't as bad as I thought. It is important to be patient with yourself and remember that with experience, you will be more confident in your skills. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help, everyone is a team working toward the same goal. Ask the nurse, and if the nurse is busy, ask another CNA! It is better to ask for help than to suffer in silence. You will learn your own tips and tricks as you go along

As for the respirations, I count them while the machine takes their BP. So I don't start the machine until I'm ready to count respirations. This works for me, but if you find another way that works for you then awesome!

Keep in mind that it will get better. You got this 🙂

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Snatchedwig has 11 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Medsurg.

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Ooo girl I'm so excited for you!  

My favorite job was actually a CNA. I always volunteer to work as a CNA at my job(also they know I won't come in on my day off unless I'm a CNA). 

It's kinda hard to explain how to do things like this on the internet. I used a whole bunch of YouTube to get me through. Not only for skills portion but experiences. I learned a lot about the job by looking at other's experience online.  

So thrilled to read this. 


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I read this at first and actually had to stop after the first couple of paragraphs...  I thought, did *I* post this and forget!?  It was a relief to know that I had not become suddenly afflicted with dementia AND that someone else in the world was going through almost exactly the same thing!

Initially got my CNA license in 2010.  However, I let my license lapse since my employer didn't require CNA licenses remain current... which was o.k. until I quit about 5 years later.  Then I chose to stay unemployed for about 2 years altogether.

In June (2019) I got my license back too!!

But, starting as a new person in this role has been rough.  However, each week I think my anxiety has gone down a little bit and my shifts are easier to get through.  I still have moments where I feel a bit overwhelmed though.  I wish I were faster than I am a lot of the time.

I HATE asking my co-workers for help, because depending on who I am on the schedule with--some of them will help and others act like I am a complete jerk for even asking.  My need to have someone be a partner on certain tasks is needed!... 2 people are legally required to use a Hoyer lift, for example.

Some of the patients I am assigned to are just easier with 2, due to their conditions and size usually...  I always offer to help whoever I'm asking--in returning the favor, but it's annoying that some of them just come across as irritated and hugely inconvenienced.  I think some of the lack of cooperation is just about me being new.  But who knows.

Anyway, it was great to read that you were going through a lot of the same kind of stuff.  Thank you for posting.  Hang in there.  I believe it will get easier for us!

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