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answered 265 questions on NCLEX-RN

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anyone have taken the NCLEX and answered 265 questions, did not get the last question right, did not get the "good pop up" and still passed the test? I know my odds are VERY SLIM. I just would like to have a little hope.

I just took my NCLEX today, answered all 265 questions and I know for sure I did not get the last answer correct; I tried the "pearson vue trick" --tried to schedule for my retake and it was taking me all the way through the payment process :(

I talked to one of the agents from pearson vue to ask about it, he said that "being able to register for a new test does not mean you passed or failed" and he just basically told me to wait for my results in the mail..but I feel that he was just saying that to avoid really telling me that I failed since I had just literally got done taking my test like an hour ago :-/

Pearson cannot tell you on location whether you passed or failed. And they don't support the 'trick' as it is a 'trick'. The best thing to do wait on the results. Does your state do the 48 hours rapid results you can pay for?

thank you for replying back! this is actually my first time joining and asking questions here and I am just so bummed and depressed because I did study hard :( I'm from SOCAL and it does not participate in the 48 hours rapid result. The guy from pearson vue said to wait 4-6 weeks for the results in the mail

I think you can check the Bon website earlier. But I am not in Cali.

I think you can check the Bon website earlier. But I am not in Cali.

I will do that. I am wondering, have you heard of anyone passing but did not get the good pop up?


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I haven't heard of that, but you can check the BreEZe website to see if a license number posts for you. Mine posted within 48 hours of taking the exam, but I also got the good pop up.

I hope it works out for you! If not, reassess and focus on doing better the next time. :)