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Another broke Nursing Student


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No, you didn't fracture a bone. You are a Nursing Student and you are broke. It's pretty common and some students may have a side business to help offset their financial situation. Besides working part-time, some may sell items on the Internet, prepare frozen meals and sell to working families, and exchange baby-sitting services for their fellow students thus saving childcare expenses. These are just a few ideas I've come across. What do you do to keep more than six cents in your pocket?

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Hahaha, that comic is great!

My family follows the Dave Ramsey plan. We have a zero based budget, we maintain an emergency fund, and any extra money I get from school loans goes straight into a school loans savings account. That money is never touched (that is what the emergency fund is for) except for school expenses. In the end if I still have extra, the entirety will go back to help pay off loans.

I make straight A's for the primary purpose of obtaining as much scholarship money as I possibly can; I apply for all scholarships I am eligible for, and I maintain membership in an honor society which gets me extra money for school when I transfer.

When we shop, we try to be very thrifty. And we try to waste NOTHING.

For me, I opted to go to the school who gave me the highest scholarship. I'm paying about 5K each year to get my BSN at the university, and I'm going to be 20K in debt by the time I graduate. For me, I do my best, never to really eat out and just be frugal and smart with my money. I'm hoping I can pay my debt off within the first year of my nursing career.

I'm also hoping to land a PCA job so I can get experience and hopefully start paying off my debt while in school!!

If you are fluent in a foreign language, Google search for interpreter jobs :)

Stay calm, stay humble and carry on...✌️

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I tutor statistics, biology, and anatomy to other students. I use grants and scholarships rather than loans to pay for school.

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beg, borrow, and steal lol

quite frankly, scholarships and loans keep most students afloat

or tech jobs at the hospitals