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  1. Christinajoannne

    Tips on how to study for finals

    I usually make study guides for all my previous tests, so when the final comes, BAM I take out my study guides and rearrange them :)
  2. Definitely the fact that it is rewarding, there is just something so...humbling...to be able to be a nurse, not to also mention the fact that it's a job where you can only go up...if you want to go up. I love the aspect how more education can take you to different levels of nursing.
  3. Christinajoannne

    How do you store your stethoscope?

    In my desk drawer haha :)
  4. Christinajoannne

    Personalized ID Badge holders!

    Yeah, it is fine :) I've been using it for three years, haha :)
  5. Christinajoannne

    Personalized ID Badge holders!

    What type of ID holder do you have? Are yours personalized? For me, mines is a retractable baby blue one, with a cute stethoscope on it. I'm hoping I get a personalized one with my name on it for my birthday which is in a month! (Woo) Or one that says "Future RN" haha What about you?
  6. Christinajoannne

    Finally got a call back!

    So after trying for months,I finally got an email back at a Health and Rehab center! They want an interview! Wish me luck guys, I was literally screaming and in near tears when I got the email! I really want this job and experience, if you guys could pray for me. It would mean the world!
  7. Christinajoannne

    What's your Fall 2015 schedule looking like?

    I'm in my 4th year, 7th semester for Fall '15 Community Health + Clinical Nursing Research Nursing Management Nutrition (Nursing mandatory elective) Core (School's mandatory class. Think of it as a combo between philosophy/history)
  8. Christinajoannne

    Almost done with 3rd Semester, I see the light

    I'm in the same boat! Almost finished my third year for that BSN, minus the 8 children (which, bless you. You must be incredible to be able to juggle school and your precious ones!) Let's keep moving forward. We're almost there!!
  9. Christinajoannne

    As a single nurse were you able to buy a home?

    Honestly, it really depends on how you save, how you spend, and the location of your house. Here in New Jersey, we have the highest real estate tax (my neighborhood is currently 10K - 20K/year. I know in the higher resident towns around me it goes up to 30K a year), as well as one of the most highest real estate property prices. For Jersey, to be able to own a house in a decent neighborhood, with an okay school system, in a house about 20-30 years old, can cost you about 450K starting. It's do-able. But it depends how you save your money, and just being frugal, and not spending on items that aren't necessary.
  10. Christinajoannne

    Get Your Foot Off My Self Esteem!

    Great article! Lovely writing! Reminded me of my time at med surg. Literally had an instructor, who favored the male nursing students, and loved to put the girls down. She made one of my best friends cry as well, she was bawling in the bathroom while I tried to comfort her. She always liked to put me down as well, and say how incompetent I was. I remember getting chest pains and nearly crying before every single clinical for this one semester. She didn't like me at all. It's because of her that I always get a bit "off put" meeting actually, nice clinical teachers. I haven't had any one like her since, but I do learn to appreciate my instructors who DOES care about their students! :)
  11. Christinajoannne

    NCLEX Questions from a Junior Nursing Student

    Hello! I'm going for my BSN of a 4 year Nursing Course. I'm currently in my third year of Nursing School. I have three more semesters to go. Currently, it's my winter break. Any advice at how I should study for the NCLEX? That includes any specific review books, or classes, or even websites that you can direct me to? My school has a Kaplan course on the web. So I've been doing those. But yes, any more recommendations? I would love to hear from you!
  12. Hello, so I was just wondering what were some jobs for me. I'm a third year Nursing Student. I have three more semesters and I'm finished with nursing school (A year and a half). I'm interested in Psych Nursing. I've never had a hospital job before. What are some good jobs I can do, to get a foot into psych nursing? Thanks !
  13. Christinajoannne

    Questions from a student!

    Hello, I'm currently a student, Junior in Nursing school. About two days ago, I shadowed and observed the Cardiac Cath Unit and fell in love. The experience was something I never experienced before. Honestly, for three years I was in constant worry if I had chosen the correct field of work. I went through one geriatrics rotation, two medsurg rotations, a psych rotation, an ER shadow/observation, wound care shadow/observation, Nurse manager shadow/observation, and an Endoscopy shadow/observation, and I didn't like any of them. Psych was pretty "Okay" for me. For awhile, I thought I was going to be a psych nurse. In all honesty, I even thought there was something wrong with me for not liking Med Surg. I tried SO hard to like Med surg. But now, I just feel a pull, you know? It's a bit like finally finding that purpose. And I'm so thankful to God that I found something I feel passionate about. Because for the last three years, I've been in such a haze, simply going through the motions, in constant depression, with the question "What am I doing with my life? Did I make a mistake?" So here's the question. I want to be a Cardiac Cath Nurse. I researched, and discovered I was going to need experience from the CCU or ICU. I sort of want to go in the CCU more. How many years? Is it possible for a New Grad to get a position there? What do you do in the CCU? Is it similar to bedside nursing? How many patients per Nurse? What are the Certifications I need to be a Cardiac Cath nurse? Can someone give me their recommendations? Their stories? I'd love to hear them.