Angels Exist in Nurses

Student nurses always take note of the staff nurses they are working with. Either their experience is good or traumatic, each workday is always memorable. But we always remember the staff who terrorized us. Nurses Announcements Archive Article

Angels Exist in Nurses

I can not forget one staff nurse, whom I think of as a terror one, but created the most impact in my life and practice as a nurse...

I really don't like this certain staff nurse, who is at her mid 40's perhaps. She really looks stern and she always speaks with authority and as if every student around her is committing a mistake. In fact, almost all students from different schools who happen to work with her dislikes her.

One day a drunk pregnant woman, at around 7 mos of pregnancy was admitted to the labor room. The entire labor room smelled like beer. Upon interview, we learned that she used to consume the minimum of 5 liters of beer each day during the entire course of her pregnancy.

She is a g5p4 patient. She has been married for 7 years to a drunkard who was never able to provide for her needs and that of her children. Because of her problems, she left her husband, and live in the sidewalk together with her 2 children, ages 4 and 2.

When she had labor pains in the sidewalk, some bypassers happen to notice her and brought her to a government hospital. While at the labor room, the nurses on duty did not give her an encouraging word. Rather they are close to cursing her because of her practice.

While on the delivery table, the nurses shout at her because she can't push enough due to drinking. When the baby was delivered, it did not cry and the color is already dusky.

The nurses were alarmed, so they informed the nicu nurse on duty about the case. Immediately, the stern dr nurse brought the neonate to the newborn area which is around 7 meters away. Along the way, she tried to stimulate the neonate for her to give a cry.

After delivering the placenta, the stern dr nurse, went back to the newborn area to check the status of the neonate. Upon seeing the nicu nurse trying to resuscitate the baby, she went back to the mother who is still at the delivery table. She updated the mother of her baby's condition, this time she did it without condemnation but rather with sympathy. Calmly, she explained to the mother what happened.

Upon hearing it, the mother shed tears and ask permission for her to see her baby. Without noticing it, a tear fell from the corner of the staff nurse's eye. Immediately, she pulled the stretcher to an area where the mother can see the nicu staff nurses trying to resuscitate her child.

Before the mother was wheeled to the ward the unlikely dr staff nurse bought some food for the mother and secured a warm blanket and beddings for her. She held the woman's hand and lovingly said, "have some rest now, for the meantime, we'll take care of the baby for you".

I never expected I will hear those words from the unlikely dr nurse whom I really hate a lot. But I heard it with my two ears. I never thought I will see an angel in that staff nurse, but I just did.

For a moment, I stopped myself and meditate. One can never see a perfect nurse. With all the demands placed in our shoulders, sometimes, we don't always meet everyone's expectations of what a nurse should be. In fact, we are always misunderstood by our patients and their folks.

But we should never forget the reason why nurses exist...

Right now I'm already a registered nurse, trying to find my place in the vast world of nursing. My work in the pacu right now demands so much from me. There are times that I feel that I'm not a good nurse, but I'm really trying hard to be the best that I could. I just hope that as I work with my colleagues and student nurses, they will see an angel in me.

Even though we lack wings, our hands that work dutifully for the good of our patients, our lips that utter good words and encouragements and our hearts that swells with love and concern for our fellowmen, - they are enough evidence that angels exist in the form of nurses.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. There is usually much more to people than we see. With

your heart, your mind and your eyes wide open to learning you will make a very good nurse.

Just because she shed a tear for one patient does not make it right for her to be so nasty and mean to so many other people.

What a great story--thank you for sharing!:nuke:

Just because she shed a tear for one patient does not make it right for her to be so nasty and mean to so many other people.

Those without sin should cast the first stone.

Students are so quick to judge the nurses that are assisting to educate them. They see them for maybe 8 hours a day for a few weeks and are then experts on the floor staffs personality.

I work with a nurse who refuses to preceptor students because of the way the grading system is done. Students find her cold and aloof but she is a great nurse. Her patients get excellent care and leave with the expected outcome for their condition on schedule. She assists her coworkers on the floor, is always there for transfers and codes, give her a student for a procedure and it works out great, the student leaves with a different view of her.

She just doesn't want the full time responsiblity of a one on one student.

I also don't buy into this "nurse as an angel" idea. Every nurse is a unique individual with their own lives. Yes, it is easy to say leave your personal life at home when you come to work but it just doesn't work. I have two co-workers who have husbands serving in Afghanistan (sure you can leave that one at home, NOT), one who's child was just diagnosed with leukemia, another undergoing a painful divorce. They do their best to be professional at all times but every so often their humanity surfaces.

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When I was about three years into nursing I was working the night shift with a nurse who was much older and hard as nails. She did not have anything to do with other staff and worked nights so she would not have to deal with people all the time. She was however the most excellent bed side nurse that I have ever worked with. She had the habit of bathing,shaving etc her pts each night. Many people in the icu did not sleep well at night and her efforts assisted them with relaxing. She also found out a lot about the patients lives, their anxiety, fears etc. She never spoke two words to me while I worked with her. One night I had two patients that coded all night long. The next morning, they were kind of a mess because I had not had time to clean them up. The day shift nurse was in the process of chewing me out when the nurse from nights stood up and told the day shift nurse in no uncertain terms " she has been non stop busy with both these patients all night, so just shut up". I was very taken aback. From then on I came to respect her and I started picking her brain for info. I found that if you were direct and curious, she would teach you all the tricks of the trade. She made me a better ICU nurse and I will never forget her.

Nobody is all black or white, learn from all that is around you...the grey areas are where all real learning begins.

Beautiful and inspiring story.

Thanks for sharing it!

Happy New Year to you all

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Thanks for such a great thought -provoking post