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Hello Everyone!

I'm taking Human Anatomy right now and I'm not doing so well because I'm not studying outside of the classroom as much as I should. I'm also taking statistics and English.

Should I retake Human Anatomy in the summer? The course is 7 weeks long. It includes Lecture, Discussion, and Lab.

Is it academic suicide to take a 16 weeks course in only 7 weeks?! It'll be my only class in the summer and I won't be working. Is it doable to get an A?

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It's doable.

You are going to be even more busy when you start nursing classes.

Are you working right now? How much? Can you cut down on work

or just not work, when you start nursing classes?

I'm not working and don't plan on working anytime soon, because I already receive financial aid.

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Well.... three classes isn't that heavy of a load. You might need to ask yourself

why you weren't studying for that anatomy class like you should have been.

Like I said, you'll be busier than that once nursing classes roll around.

But yes, one summer class is definitely doable in 7 weeks, and you

can make an A if you work hard.

Of course, it's doable to get an A in a seven week summer course. Lots of people have done it. I've done it, myself.

I'll just have to eat, sleep, breath and STUDY anatomy! Class will be from M-TH for 6 hours. I'll visit the stem center (it has all the anatomy models) before and after class. I heard that you'll have a lecture and lab exam just about every week! Good thing I have Fri-Sun to study too, as well as my previous notes/study-guides/power-points that my current teacher provided. Heck, I even bought the Kaplan Anatomy Flashcards! So i'll have to drop the current course soon, so I can register for anatomy in the summer. I'll start reviewing all the way back to the 1st chapter and get a 2 month head start.

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Does the title of this thread remind anyone else of the title

of one of those 60's Teen Beach movies?

I got an A in an 8-wk Hybrid (lecture online, lab in person) course while getting an A in another 8-wk course at the same time (and I worked). It's all about time management and how badly you want the A, which is mainly how hard you're willing to work for it. Those of us who put in the time got our desired grade, but we worked our butts off.

I did A&P in the summer and it was brutal, I won't lie, but if that is the only class you take, you can do it. Just know that it is two or three days a week of class and lab immediately afterwards and at least one exam a week. Also, depending on your instructor, possible quizzes thrown in as well.

As I say that, it also helped me prep for nursing school as I went through a semi-accelerated program, where classes where eight weeks long. Exams were on weeks three, five, seven (until they changed the curriculum, but that's another story). In addition, once we got into adult health, we were taking med math exams the first day of class, every class, until we graduated. So, it'll kick you in the crotch, but give you an idea of what to expect for the next few years.

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