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Anatomy & Physiology Online or In-Class?


Hey guys, I'm required to take anatomy & physiology for my nursing program and can either take the online version from Trent or the in-class version. It would be great if someone can share their experience with either the online or in-class variations of these courses. I have never taken an online course before, but it seems to offer a bit more flexibility. Is it generally more time-consuming?


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This really comes down to the person. Personally, I took AP I and II online and did very well. (very high A's) If you are going to do it online, do not wait until the last minute to do assignments, and read/learn the material. These subjects can be hard. It is doable, just do not slack off.


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See post below

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It's really up to you. But you do have to know/figure out what kind of learner you are first...are you disciplined, motivated & strong at time management enough to study at home? If so, go for the online. I've taken a few online courses for various things over the years & didn't like it at first because it took some getting used to & there's definitely a learning curve with pacing yourself & learning at home but now I prefer online learning over a physical class setting. I love the flexibility of learning at my own pace, I can go quickly through sections I'm already familiar with or slow things down if I'm confused or stuck.

But online learning is not for everyone...for some people material sticks better for them learning in a group environment & learning with others keeps them motivated & on track. For me, while I don't mind a live class, I've found that I do better grade wise, learning online than in a classroom setting especially in math & sciences, it's really weird lol I'm currently taking A&P 1 online through straighterline & really like it.

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In class. I took online and learned nothing from it. The hands on lab experience made it for me. If you can learn by reading, this might be a viable option for you. I learn by doing and teaching, so online classes have never been a friend to me.

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Where is everyone doing anatomy & physiology online? At a college or university?

I took Physio I in-class and then Physio II online, and didn't do so well in both of them. My problem was, I didn't know what to expect. I tried to study everything for the in-class course but the exams were based solely on the instructor's notes. I tried to study everything for the online course but the exams were based solely on the learning objectives. Of course I figure these things out after writing midterms worth 30%.

Also I should mention, the in-class course did not go beyond the content of the online course... my school did not offer a lab component for either version, the instructor did not show photos/videos that were any more helpful than what you could find in the textbook, etc. It really depends not only on the school but on the instructor.

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I'm taking micro & A&P 1 online through New Mexico Junior College. I've already taken them before so I know what to expect with the classes.