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  1. Anon101

    Terminated in probation - no reason given

    I've been thinking about using a colleague as a reference. The problem is if I don't write this job on my resume, it's not very likely I'll get a job in this specialty since I never had a placement in this area during nursing school. So it'd be kind of a gamble. Also I noticed that some government jobs conduct their own background investigation so they'd find out anyway that I worked there if I didn't mention it on my resume.
  2. Anon101

    Terminated in probation - no reason given

    Just found out I qualified for the employment insurance benefits. At least I'll be able to survive until I can find another job.
  3. Anon101

    Terminated in probation - no reason given

    Thank you! I'm actively interviewing for other positions and trying not to let this affect me.
  4. Hi all, I worked at a hospital for around 9 months and accumulated approximately 1500 hours. I was 12 hours away from probation, when I was handed a letter that said I was being terminated, without any reason specified. Based on information from co-workers, a particular co-worker complained against me which lead to this. The union also stated that a reason wasn't necessary, and that a grievance even if filed wouldn't be effective so it wasn't done. This is my first job out of nursing school. I'm now in the process of applying to other jobs, many of whom ask a reference from this employer and also ask me what my reason for leaving was. What should I do in this situation to secure employment elsewhere?
  5. Hey all, I just landed an interview at a correctional facility as a mental health nurse and I was wondering if anyone has any advice in terms of how I can prep for it? I currently work in mental health in general psych/forensic, but the population is nevertheless somewhat different. Thanks