ANA Code of Ethics- for a fee?


I have an assignment involving the ANA Code of Ethics. I was provided a link by my on-line program to the Code of Ethics on, the ANA website. No matter how I click around on the side, I can't find a free official copy of this. I did find a link where I can buy a copy. I have also found unofficial copies on the internet, but I am unable to properly cite these for my paper.

Is the ANA really only making the Code of Ethics available for a fee? If there is a free copy with citations available, would you please provide a link to it? Thanks


Edited: after several more minutes chasing different links, I found it!

Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements

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Glad you found it, and thanks for sharing the link.


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I was about to start typing them out for you. Glad you found a link and my fingers thank you too!


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Nursing school libraries usually have a copy.

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Nursing school libraries usually have a copy.

I'm doing all on-line. :-( But thanks