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a&p 1 in four weeks?!?!?!?!

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I registered for a&p1 this summer and all they have are four week courses!!! It goes June 3rd through July 3rd. Does anyone have tips on how I can do this??? Just the thought scares the crap out of me!! Haha!!

First, take a deep breath. My advise would be to get the book for your class and start reading. The first few chapters should just be refreshers from bio and chem. After that you start getting into all the fun stuff like bones and muscles. Make flash cards for those chapters, and if you can finds a method that help you memorize things better it will help.

There are mnemonics for the bones in the wrist. Everyone has their own that works for them. Use online tools too. Sometimes they can help.

Good luck to you.

I agree, do as much pre reading as you can and if your book comes with a cd or online access utilize that as well! I'm taking patho I and patho II this summer and each one is only 6 weeks. Seems like a ton of info to get in such a short amount of time but with a little prep work and a lot of study hours I'm sure we'll both do great :) good luck!!

The two above are right to advise you to start preparing now. I usually do very well in tough classes, but it's because I start preparing as soon as I can. I love flashcards, but they take forever to make, so I save a lot of valuable time by doing it before the class starts. I've considered starting to make a rough set of notes for each chapter, but that's only a good option for me because I take my notes on a tablet pc where it's very easy to write and reformat notes quickly.

Do consider why you're scared. Maybe you should be, especially if that drives you to succeed. That might even cause you to change your plans for the summer, and to take the class in the fall when you'll have more time to do well at a speed you're more familiar with. There's no shame in taking your time to give yourself a better chance at doing well. What about a CNA course? That can allow you to get part time work that will probably give you points for your nursing school application.

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Learn all the tissues and their functions, bones and markings, muscles, organization of the body, and all the functional areas of the brain ahead of time and you should be fine. Those are the most time consuming things to learn.

After much going back and forth I've finally decided to take A&P over the summer. I'm doing my best to have the major body systems down beforehand. Last week I focused on tissues and their functions, this week I am focusing on the bones of the skeleton, next week muscles etc.

Once my book arrives I also plan to go over the first 12 chapters we will be covering and taking notes. I feel this will give me a decent head start :)

I hope you don't have nothing planned for the whole 4 wks because it sounds like if you miss one class, you miss 3 chapters or so. I never heard of a&p 4 wks before. Good Luck!

IMHO I found A&P 1 more difficult that A&P 2. I did A&P1 during a spring semester (15 weeks) and got a B-. I took A&P 2 during the summer semester (4 weeks) and I got an A-. I personally wouldn't do it, but I'm not you. Just know you can not do anything but A&P. No working, friends, parties, or going out, it will consume you during the summer!!!!! Plus I did it with 5 kids, so I had less then others for studying.