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As I posted in another thread, I am looking to use the next couple of years (before my twins go to school) getting my nursing degree. I inquired about the nursing program at Ameritech (filled out the online form), but they want to make an appointment for a tour of the facility etc. I'm not interested in the hoopla, I just want the information. Have any of you spoken with them recently? How long is the program? How much does it cost? I have an Associates Degree from SLCC already. Does that count for anything?

In years past their NCLEX pass rates have been less than stellar, however, their website says their February '09 grads had a 90(something)% pass rate. How can this be verified? I'd love to hear from recent graduates or those currently in the program to see how things have changed/improved.

Finally, what does their accreditation (or lack of) mean for employment, BSN, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any info you can give!


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Here is the link.

I would avoid Ameritech and the other "private for-profit" school. They will charge you a ton and you likely will not be able to get a BSN at the U or other state school with their degree. I say get on SLCC's waiting list (it says 2014 starting date, but people always get in by 2 years, I did) then go to school. It is inexpensive comparatively speaking and less intense than a BSN program. Then you can get a BSN later if you want.

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I too would avoid the private for-profit schools unless it's the only thing that will work for you. I think the only school that will accept an ASN from places like Utah Career College, Ameritech and Stevens Hanager is University of Phoenix, another expensive for-profit private school, which would then possibly lead to problems in the future if you ever decided to pursue an advanced degree.

I believe Provo College is accrediated differently than the above schools and I've been told that their ASN costs around $30k or $40k. You always have the option of taking the pre-reqs at one of the public colleges or universities and saving money that way though.


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I just got back from a travel assignment in Utah. I worked with Ameritech RN students and instructors. The RN program costs about 50k. They are on academic probation with the State of Utah for poor passing and graduation rates. They don't share information upfront, want you to go tour and sign on the dotted line. They are up for NLN accreditation in 2010 and if they do not pass will be denied State recognition from Utah. If you do get a degree from an unacredited program continuing for BSN or MSN, or any other degree will require you to take many courses over. Be very careful, make sure any program is NLN as well as state accredited BEFORE you start. Good luck.

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