Should I stay or go?

  1. Let me start by saying I just took and passed NCLEXPN, just waiting for my license to come in the mail. I've been working as a medical assistant for 13 years and recently I got a job at a clinic and I really love the work but I'm afraid if I stay there I could lose my license, please let me know what you would do. So first off NO ONE respects HIPPA, the sign in sheet always shows everyones name, charts are turned where anyone can read the name. Second NO one wear's a name tag (which is illegal in my state) Third ALL of the M.A.s call themselves nurses the docs also call them nurses, theres even business cards that say nurse (illegal in my state), Fourth Im not sure about this but all of us draw blood but none of us have a phlebotomy license (not sure if this is legal) Fifth my supervisor is an M.A. her title is "nursing supervisor", is that strange to anyone else? Sixth EVERYONE triages even the front desk girls! Seventh there's no log for the frig temp and no quality control log for the glucometer (illegal) Eighth the MAs interpret TB tests (illegal in my state) I dont know guys, Maybe im just uncomfortable being the only nurse there because if the medical assistants F up its on the docs BUT if I F up its on me. If I got liability insurance would that help my situation? Also our office manager, the one thats responsible for the WHOLE clinic (15 docs) is a medical asst. so no one has or understands nursing knowledge. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
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  3. by   Peds_Nurse
    Run as fast as you can! That office sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen and I'd hate to see a new nurse get thrown on the tracks. Because, YOU ARE the nurse!
  4. by   Elleveein
    I know your right, it makes me so sad. I really love the people i work with and the patients......bummer
  5. by   Blue Crab Lover
    Maybe before you resign, you can make suggestions for improvement and see what happens from there. Give them a chance to right the wrongs if they are willing.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Now that you are a licensed nurse you should find a better place to work. You want to avoid any liability that could come your way because of what is going on. I would try to change things as previously suggested, but do not invest too much energy if you meet with resistance. They might just want to cover over the problems by giving you some kind of supervisory responsibility, which you do not need without support. Do not leave this job until you have a new job in hand.
  7. by   Black Jade
    Are you the only real nurse there? Is the office being run by MAs? Who's in charge of the medication inventory? Are the CPR license, vaccinations and annual PEs up to date? Do you have policies and procedures?

    I hope that audit doesn't show up unannounced one of these days. My previous clinical services manager was an LVN, but he was a great immediate supervisor since we worked as a team and he was always open to my suggestions. My DON, well, she was something else. When I took over as Lead, my clinic was a mess. My MAs didn't know how to handle "codes" and everything was disorganized. The best thing that I liked about my clinic was my manager (until he got promoted to another clinic) and most of the doctors. The MAs not so much. I felt like I was babysitting them and had to constantly deal with their b*tching, gossiping, backstabbing and pure laziness. When my manager left, somebody without clinical background took over and the clinic went downhill. After I left, I heard that several doctors left after me and they only hired temp nurses. I just recently found out that the manager quit.

    If you can, try to find another job. You might like the people now, but you are going to have a problem dealing with what you feel is right and what's unethical. Try to decide what's important: making friends or your license. If you have support from your manager and supervisor, great. Make suggestions such as the above, which will require a lot of work and I hope that your MAs cooperate with you. Some MAs tend to be lazy, because they don't want extra work or they are already used to doing things their way. I wish you the best of luck.
  8. by   Elleveein
    Are you the only real nurse there? Is the office being run by MAs? Who's in charge of the medication inventory? Are the CPR license, vaccinations and annual PEs up to date? Do you have policies and procedures?

    Yes, I'm the only real nurse.
    Yes, the office is ran by M.A.'s
    I'm not sure what certificates they have and no i havent seen and policies and procedures.
    I think Im just gonna leave, I have alot of experience as an MA which helps me find something, well at least clinic wise as an LVN.
    I dont feel like arguing with them, they've been in business forever with almost the same staff, I dont think they have EVER had a inspection of any kind. The charting is the worst, the M.A's have "nursing visits" and chart on a "nursing note", when i did tell them the word "nurse" is protected by the state of CA and can only be used for LVNs and RNs they looked at me like I said it in a different language and kept on talking. If i stay there I'd constantly be worried about what might happen. I wonder why docs are so ignorant to whats going on, this is not the first time i've seen this in an office.
  9. by   Black Jade
    I always got stressed out when audit came, because I had to make sure that everybody's paperwork were on file. Regarding the MAs calling themselves nurses, I agree with you.

    I'd say run the other way. If you have this bad feeling in your gut, it will only get worse. You will only end up getting bitter. If the clinic is run by MAs, the fact that you have an LVN license don't mean anything to them. I always thought that everybody had a conscience (or at least common sense) and followed the rules, but that's not so. Let their boat sink without you. If a patient will one day sue the clinic, pray that the clinic have proper documentation. You will be glad that you left, before anything else bad happens. I left, because I didn't wanted to be part of a facility that was corrupted. You are still a new nurse. Make sure you find a place where you can be well respected for your license, be properly trained and everybody follows policies and procedures, but most importantly, have the support of your supervisors.
  10. by   Elleveein
    If the clinic is run by MAs, the fact that you have an LVN license don't mean anything to them.

    LOL, so true. When they found out i passed NCLEXPN they all gave me attitude.