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I would like to hear from other RNs on office policies for pharmaceutical representatives. Our office is constantly bombarded with reps trying to meet with the docs and leave samples. We require... Read More

  1. by   RN2007
    I tell you. As a patient myself, who used to spend a lot of time in drs. offices awhile back, I remember getting soooooo MAD at these pushy drug reps coming into an obviously overbooked waiting room and walking right in the door and having the nerve to tell the receptionist that NO, they do not have an appt. but just need a moment of the drs. time" - yeah-right!! In at least 2 of my drs. offices, I have noticed that not less than 3 or 4 reps come in per hour with the same old story, and guess what, they get seen without an appt., even when many, many of the drs. patients have been waiting 1 - 2 hrs to see him. Some of these vultures come in equipped with a dozen of "fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts", cookies, etc., of course at that time they are directed straight in to the break room, but funny thing is that I do not see them come out after that to wait with the rest of the us, even when they have NO Appt!!

    While I am sure that is a great thing for them to provide free samples for the needy, I know I have NEVER been offered samples by these drs, even when I told them the truth that at times, I had to quit taking a med that had been doing me some good? If these reps must be seen, why can't they be less obvious and less obnoxious about taking time away from patients been seen, by maybe coming in a back door of the office that is alloted just for these type people, and that they should only be seen after the other patients have been attended to. After all, who are the paying customers in the drs. office? And, I do not think that these reps should be allowed to bring "bribe" foods, etc. to get the receptionist or a nurse to take them in sooner. Actually, I wish these reps would just be allowed to be seen at medical conventions or trade shows like any other products, but then again I know the freebie drugs are needed for samples, especially for the elderly.

    Yeah, yeah, I know this problem is much harder to fix than what I am saying here, but I am sure that you can tell the level of my frustration toward the priority these people are given when paying patients who are "in pain" have been waiting for hours in the waiting room. I remember this one time in my drs. office where two very nice looking drug reps came in and first went to the window and they told the receptionist that No, they did not have an appt. but they had a new drug, - blah, blah, etc........ and just needed to come in for a few min of the drs. time, etc... Well, the receptionist started explaining her "Rep Policies" and one of the reps interrupted and kept selling himself, etc., and why he should be seen. I was sitting next to the window and could not take it anymore. I asked them did they have an appt? He said no but usually they did not need one. I told him that the dr. is behind schedule "as usual", has a full waiting room and the dr. is over an hour late seeing me, so the answer is, NO The Dr. does not have the time to see you today!! At that, the rep shook his head and walked out. A few of the patients in the waiting room clapped and smiled as they did. I guess I had had enough. I wish it would be more obvious at drs. office that the patients time is being respected too. We have jobs also and places we have to be, ya know?
  2. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I know exactly what product you are selling, and I take it, my family doctor recommended it for my teenager who was always sick about three years ago. She wouldn't take it, so I did.
    The doc thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I think he's right!!!!
    I wish you luck on your new endeavor, and hope you find docs who will endorse and recommend your products!!!