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I would like to hear from other RNs on office policies for pharmaceutical representatives. Our office is constantly bombarded with reps trying to meet with the docs and leave samples. We require clinical staff to escort the reps to the sample closet, but this takes a lot of time for the staff. I would like to limit the time that the reps come in. Does anyone have any advice?


This is what we do in our office:

All of our reps have to sign up for a certain day to come and distribute samples. We have to do this because of the volume of reps that we get. Each company signs up for a certian day of the month and they get 2 hours or so to be in the clinic to display their product. We have them sign up with our receptionist. They are also not allowed to look in our drug closet on their own because we have had reps try and arrange their product in front of competitor products, or remove them completely! They leave their samples at the nurses station.

Hope this helps.

I have a question for the nurses on this BB to help me not step on any toes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I am an RN, and work full time at a major university in clinical research. I just took on a second job (my own small business) as a distributor for a product that is a whole food supplement (17 different fruits and vegetables in a capsule). The research on this product is remarkable, and I am living proof that this product is very very good! I want to start going to local physician offices to talk to the docs about encouraging their patients that they believe would benefit from this product. Never having been a sales person before, I am not sure how to approach the office. Do I need to make an appointment with the doc or an appointment with someone on the staff? Is there much of a chance that I could ever get close enough to the doc to discuss this product or would it only go to the ears of the nurses and staff members? I truly believe that many people could benefit from this product, and am very excited about spreading the word, however coming from a nursing background, I want to respect the work situation in the office, and not cause any problems. Please let me know what the best way to get my foot in the door is! I need help!

I dont mean to discourage you...but our docs probably wouldnt see you.

Is this product approved by the FDA? Just because it is natural doesnt mean it is good for you, and our doc would not distrubute anything without data and FDA aproval. If it is approved you just might get a foot in the door.

There are 3 independent research studies published in well known peer review on bioavailability, another on its effects of boosting the immune system, and the third on DNA repair, so I don't think that is an issue. Since there is nothing un-natural in it's ingredients (it is just 17 different dehydrated fruits and vegetables)it is not considered a drug..yes it is FDA approved. There are about 5,000 physicians now in our region that openly endorse the product, and recommend it to their a matter of fact, many of THEM are distributors.

Back to the drug reps..... I personally love to see the reps coming. There are so many patients with no coverage for meds on fixed incomes. Samples can at least reduce their out of pocket expenses and increase compliance. I hate to hear a pt say that they stopped a med that was really helping them because it was costing them $100.00 a month and they simply can't afford it. I work with a pulmonologist, so when they stop their Advair so they can afford their B/P meds, they have trouble breathing.

Also, the drug reps that come in simply ask the doctor, "Do you have any questions?" He usually doesn't and the rep gets his signature and leaves.

I also have to say that I've gotten a lot of my questions about meds answered by these guys. I know when the docs are overbooked and running 45 minutes behind we don't want any interuptions, but reps can be a good thing too. :-):) :)

reps can be great, but can also be Satan incarnate....

offices i have worked in always had set times they would even allow reps in...didn't require appts, cuz that then obligates the docs to meet the reps...but only allowed them access to nurse during certain set times...then the docs knew there would be reps there, could get ?s answered, or could take the back hallway...

food they bring is great..

samples are great...

but man they can be obnoxious!!!

Originally posted by sunnygirl272

samples are great...

I'll only listen to a rep that gives me 2 pens. One for me and one for my mom. She does the same for me. :D


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we don;t take samples because of the inventory and documentation that is required in keeping the meds secure but we do accept lunches and pens. A lot of times, the reps are pushing meds that aren't part of the hospital's formulary but the demos are helpful most of the time. I am not looking forward to taking samples because I will be the one who is in charge of them because I'm the only nurse in the office for 3 docs. And believe me, I'm never bored

My office books an appointment for the rep to come in if they want to see the doc.

When it comes to samples, I'm responsible for them and unless the doctor asks for something specifically or takes some from a rep and I generally (at least try to) control what and how much comes in. I have a new system set up that allows me to know almost at a glance what is expiring and what we are running low on.

The way we do it is a drug rep can come any time he chooses but that does not guarantee that he will get to see a Dr. for signature that day, or that he will get all 6 Dr.'s sig. at the office. When the Drug rep comes into our office he hands the receptionist 6 business cards to put on each of the nurses "boxes" where charts are kept. The Rep sits in the Lobby and waits for each nurse to call him/her back to their side. If we are behind, which happens A LOT, the rep is the last thing on our mind, he/she will not get a sig that day, and he will keep trying until he does, day after day. I for one think the samples are great for the patients but boy are they a pain in my bottom. So many rules to keep up w/ and abide by, the logging in, logging out of all samples, the call backs when a recall comes up, ppl calling ALL the time for samples.

What I do instead of allowing the Rep into my locked closet, he tells me what he has and I have an idea of what we need and don't need, he will leave his samples on my desk and then I put them in the closet, that way the closet isin't a mess all the time(you know they all do it, shove a competitors out of the way and put theirs at eye level)and no need to worry about someone other than you and the doc being in it.

They are responsible for logging in ALL their samples. And most are very plesant (after a 2 hour wait), but theres always a loud, rude mouth in every bunch

and oh yeah , we are fed VERY well. And I think all the pens, clocks, calculators,etc.. at my house ahve a drug name on

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