Ambulatory surgical centers?

  1. Can someone give me some pointers about working at a ASC, with a surgeon who specialize in breast cancer?
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    Can some of the experienced nurses help and give me some clinical scenario

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    Quote from IamRN4Life
    Can some of the experienced nurses help and give me some clinical scenario

    You have to be more specific...

    Without some guidance, you will receive scenarios that will convince you that you DO NOT want to be a nurse! You will receive many that are complicated beyond your skill set, and you will receive some in jest.
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    Thank you for responding

    Sorry for being so broad. I'm a nurse who is starting a new job working with a general surgeon. I have want to get some advice or guidance on how to approach situations that I will come in contact with. For example triaging patients over the phone post surgery for complications
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    I would recommend that you research a good triage book and discuss it with your physician colleague(s). There are a number of good ones available at reasonable cost.

    Generally speaking, what types of things would you expect you might get calls about from pre or post surgical patients?

    Typically, when a nurse (or anyone) is triaging a call you must get detailed information about their concern. You should ask questions to determine the nature of their complaint. It is extremely helpful if you have access to their chart during the triage in your setting.

    Keep in mind that you may not practice medicine when you triage patient calls. The physician will help you to understand what she/he prefers in way of process for obtaining orders and scheduling appointments or referring to other health providers (urgent care/ER, etc).
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    Your post is a bit vague. It's difficult to determine exactly what you are looking for. You will get better responses if you are more specific in your request for information.
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    One tip I give people starting out in the OR I work in is to get a little notebook to keep notes as not everything will be on the preference card. This notebook can also include frequently used phone numbers. I also keep a little cheat sheet as a guide for calling report to the next nurse caring for the patient. You may also want to check out this article:
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    Thank you Sweet_wild_rose I will keep a notebook for notes!
    I'm working with a doctor at a clinic who does procedure in clinic day procedures. And have to make follow up appointments. From what I understand I'll be his right hand nurse who makes his schedule, triage patients, and assist with procedures. I'm excited and wanted to get ahead so I can be a great nurse.
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    Duplicate threads merged for continuity. Good luck in your new job