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We have just recently been told that on all AMA's and Left without being seen's if they don't sign AMA we have to write out an incident report. Then on all AMA's and LWOBS,we have to do a follow up call the next day. These also have to be reported to the state within 24hrs. Anyone else doing this? We hate the call backs, because the majority of these people are impatient nonurgents that had no business being in the ER or drunks or druggies that didn't get what they wanted. Let me know how your ER's handle this. Thanks!:rolleyes:


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We used to have to call everyone back as soon as possible--It was horrible---of course we were subject to RUDE remarks etc..----but now for some reason we don't call anymore and the record just gets filed without any action! :confused:


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nope we don't do any of that we have the time?


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We do call backs on all AMA, LWBS and Elopement. However, we are to call the LWBS and Elopements as soon as possible,(the same day) then a F/U call in a day or two. The AMA's are just called back in 1-2days.

What is the state agency that you have to report this?



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We used to have to do incident reports on AMA's but that stopped about a year ago, nothing was done about LWOT's. Since I useally am in charge I do place the patients sticker on the management report with a short note.

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good riddance to most of these, however if call backs are to be done they should be done by someone that didn't have to deal with them in the first place.

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