Am I screwed?


Hello every one. I'm not sure if there's anybody with the same situation as mine. I think I screwed up my chance of getting in a nursing school. Thing is, I took A&P1 and got an F on it last 2007. I took it again the next semester and had to withdraw because of family issues. The third time, I really focused on it and was able to achieved an A. It's really competitive in my school and they only take 40 students out of 400. So I obviously don't stand a chance in the RN program. I'm not a straight A student rather an average one. I mostly get Bs hence my 3.2GPA. All my other science courses are transferable since from what I know "C grade or better" is the rule of most Nursing Schools.

When I transfer to another school, are they gonna credit my A on A&P1? or are they gonna average F and A so that's probably C-? :*( I live in NY by the way so it's really a competitive program where students are supposed to kill each other to get a spot. (Just kidding)

I hope someone could answer my inquiry. Thank you in advance.


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I think that you will be given A for your successful completion of the course, however your GPA will not be an A - it will probably be affected by the earlier lower marks. So maybe check with your school about how your marks and GPA are calculated and recorded.

You have proven that you can do A quality work.


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Hi I'm in NY too and unofficially withdrew from a course years ago and got an F in stead of the W. But I retook it, and my A shows and not the F. I think there is some type of code on the transcripts saying it was repeated, but you will get your last earned grade. I "think" though this only applies if you take the failed course over at the same school. I transferred my credits to another school and again just my A came with me, but took the repeat at the same school I originally failed it at, if that makes sense! :confused:

**Oh, my GPA wernt back up and replaced the F with the A


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you should check the schools policy. At my school their policy is that science courses can be repeated only once in the last 7 years with a grade of C+ or better.


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Hey, you may be able to get it replaced depending on the policy of the school where you took it. Some schools will replace the total grade/GPA points so the F does not affect your cum GPA and some may replace the grade but still calculate the F's GPA points in the cum GPA (sorry if this is confusing lol). Check with the school where you took the class and see what they can do with the grade.

Usually when you transfer they look at the higher grade. Also depends on how competitive the school you're applying to is - Some may question you on why you had difficulty the first two times:

My friend had applied to a very competitive ABSN program... She had an F in one of the science prereqs (forgot which one), but she retook it and got an A. It didn't affect her cum GPA but her first grade, the F, was still on the transcript. According to her, they didn't accept her because they felt she was a liability since she failed it the first time and they didn't wanna take the risk. But, that's one circumstance and probably isn't the norm.

Good luck, hope it works out for you.


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Really it depends on the school. Each school handles re-takes differently. Some only accept the first grade for a class, some average the grades together, some accept the highest grade you've received and some accept the last grade you received.

Talk to an adviser at each school you're applying to and find out what their policy is.

Best of luck!!




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Another, it depends on the school. When I first went to school, they averaged the two grades together. At my present CC they higher grade shows up on your transcipt, but you do get points taken off when being considered for the nursing program.

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