AM I REaDY??????? Kaplan trainer scores!!!!

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Hello guys!

Here are my Kaplan scores please comment and tell me what you think. Are my scores low/ high ?? Good enough for nclex? I'm freaking out!!!! I test 18 march and feel like I'm still lacking a lot of information

Diagnostic: 65%

Qtrainer1: 61%

Qtrainer 2: 67%

Qtrainer3: 58%

Qtrainer 4: 59%

Qtrainer5: 56%

Qtrainer6: 65%

Qtrainer6: 67%

Readiness : 67%

I used Kaplan PDA and ATI for my resources. I do have Saunders but only used it a very little. I've also used the study guide that's been floating around here as well. With the qbank and qtrainers every question I got wrong I reviewed it and started a running tab of rationales to review later. I've been more practice questions than content......should I be doing more content? I feel like my studying is all over the place. Please leave comments suggestions thoughts!!!

For anyone who has already tested and did Kaplan please give your honest opinion if you think nclex questions were harder or easier than Kaplan?? I'm very stressed and nervous due to the fact that I test in a few weeks

Thanks to all!!!

Hi! can you pls email me the study guide too? [email protected]



I graduated 3 yrs from now and i enrolled in kaplan last january im so nervous my nclex is a month from now and wat i got on my exams since i first started kaplan...

DX 48% didnt read any yet just took it so i wud know my strenght and weaknesses

QT 1 = 49% took it january

QT 2 = 62%

QT 3 = 49%

QT 4 = 49%

QT 5 = 62%

QT 6 = 64%

QT 7 = havent taken yet

Readiness = 65% took it march 24

my sked is a month from now...idk if im doing ok.. ?? any advice?

im so nervous odk if my score is just fine to take nclex... i feel like im not ready to take it yet...

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