AM I REaDY??????? Kaplan trainer scores!!!!

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Hello guys!

Here are my Kaplan scores please comment and tell me what you think. Are my scores low/ high ?? Good enough for nclex? I'm freaking out!!!! I test 18 march and feel like I'm still lacking a lot of information

Diagnostic: 65%

Qtrainer1: 61%

Qtrainer 2: 67%

Qtrainer3: 58%

Qtrainer 4: 59%

Qtrainer5: 56%

Qtrainer6: 65%

Qtrainer6: 67%

Readiness : 67%

I used Kaplan PDA and ATI for my resources. I do have Saunders but only used it a very little. I've also used the study guide that's been floating around here as well. With the qbank and qtrainers every question I got wrong I reviewed it and started a running tab of rationales to review later. I've been more practice questions than content......should I be doing more content? I feel like my studying is all over the place. Please leave comments suggestions thoughts!!!

For anyone who has already tested and did Kaplan please give your honest opinion if you think nclex questions were harder or easier than Kaplan?? I'm very stressed and nervous due to the fact that I test in a few weeks

Thanks to all!!!

You are ready! My highest was a 62 and that was on test #6. I took my NCLEX RN on Feb 20th and I passed with 110 q's. I thought the higher level questions on NCLEX were just about the same level of difficulty as the Q's on Kaplan. Just keep on practicing on your QBank I'm sure you will be fine =0)

Yes your fine to take it!!! Just keep doing the qbank and keep reading over why you missed them!! And most importantly stay confident and pretend it is just another Kaplan exam!! :). Good luck!

Those are good q-trainer scores. Higher than some who passed with 75 questions. Is the study guide that's been floating around the 35-page study guide with the first mneumonic Don't delegate what you can "EAT": Evaluate, Assess, Teach?

Yes if you need it I can email it

I got around the same score and the exact same one for the readiness exam, and I passed. Plus, if you look in the forum it appears to be good score to pass. Personally, I thought the nclex was very much as kaplan. Good luck!

I hope so I'm literally freaking out hoping I pass first time! I have big plan and moves waiting on this passing of nclex

Your scores are great! My scores weren't as high as yours are and I passed in 75. The only Q trainers I scored higher than you on are QT's 4 and 5. Kaplan is pretty similar to the NCLEX but I thought the NCLEX was more straightforward. The Kaplan questions (I thought) try to trick you and I didn't think NCLEX questions were as tricky. The NCLEX SATA are easier than Kaplan.

I'm currently doing all the chapters in PDA but feel as Though I am still lacking content. I have Saunders but it's huge and don't really know where to start.....I've mostly done practice questions with some content out of the ATI nclex comprehensive book but I don't know......I'm freaking out my test is in 15 days!!!!!

Can someone email me the study guide please? [email protected]

Can someone email me the study guide please? [email protected]

E-mail sent. =) Enjoy your study! The study guide is very informative. Good luck to us!

Hi can someone please send me the study guide as well, I will be testing on May 1st! I have even started studying yet but I will use just the Kaplan Qbank and trainer. my email ( [email protected]) Thank you!

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