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Am I too old to dorm on campus?


Hey all Florida Nurses,

I just moved to Ocala, F.L and I am in the process of applying to the Accelerated BSN programs in Florida. My only concern is that I would have to dorm on campus since I am new to the state and there are no Acc. BSN programs in Ocala. I should be 24 years old by the time I start the program. Am I too old to dorm? Are there any older college students that dorm on campus? Any advice would be appreciated.


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I don't know if they have an age cut off for dorm housing. I know that USF in Tampa has a lot of apartments near by that are off campus housing. They usually consist of four to five bedroom apartments that you pay rent for a room that includes it's own bathroom and you just share the living room and kitchen. Last time I heard it was $450 a month and you were allowed to get loans for this. Best bet would to be call student services at the schools you are interested in and see. Most colleges have cheap housing around campus just for students.


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I know at UF they have grad housing, both on and off campus, that you would qualify for. Also, college towns like UF have an abundance of apartments with roommate matching that are economincal (450-500 utilities included). In any case, if you did consider UF you are close enough to commute.

I'm not sure where you're applying but I know Florida State has apartment style housing reserved for non traditional students. The rent for those apartments were even cheaper than other housing options in Tallahassee.

There's tons of apartments by USF, and on-campus housing at schools I've attended is usually significantly more expensive than off. I did know one 25 year old freshman that lived on campus when I went for my first degree - get used to every single person asking you to buy them beer.

Hey Nurses,

Thank you so much Tampagirl, anc33, Suesquatch, LeavingTeaching4RN and MB37 for replying back to my question. You guys are the best!

I am currently looking into the following schools for my Acc. BSN: USF, UM, UNF, JU, FAU, BU and UF. For right now USF is my top choice but I am considering all options.

Thank you Tampagirl, MB37 and anc33 for giving me info on USF and UF. I will def. contact student services about on/off campus housing.

I won't be applying to Florida State, LeavingTeaching4RN, because they don't have an Acc. BSN program. Thank you for the advice anyway.

:lol2:haaaa. you is joking, i like you already.

hey cooblu,

any new ideas or comments about the post? any advice would be appreciated.

hey cooblu,

any new ideas or comments about the post? any advice would be appreciated.

my initial reaction of being too old for dormlife at age 24 struck me as funny. it should actually help as you have more maturity, the only issue is if you will be able to sleep, which is all you will be doing there. accelerated bsn programs are very busy. i checked an agenda and realized there were no bathroom breaks scheduled for that year, as i could eat a snack on the run to the next class or lab. point is there isn't any free time, your life is on hold much more so than regular college courses. not saying it can't be done, but good luck

If you get at least one roommate and live in a modest place, it may end up costing the same or cheaper to live offcampus. I found that was the case when I lived at the dorms in UF. Especially if you're doing an accelerated program, you need to be able to sleep (it will be very precious and important to your sanity) and study in a quiet place, and that was not always easy when I lived in the dorms. I'm sure some are nicer than others though. You can check on craigslist or facebook to get an idea of what the going rents are.

Thank you cooblu and Galore,

Cooblu- Thanks for the best wishes on my Acc. BSN degree aspirations. I know that the program won't be easy but I am willing to work hard to achieve the degree that I want in the shortest time. Good luck to you.

Galore- Thank you for the advice. I am looking into many living arrangement options. Happy Holidays and Have a Happy New Year!

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