Am I a nurse??

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Well I graduate from my RN program this weekend. Am I a nurse then? Or technically do I have to wait to pass boards before I can say I am a nurse?? I am curious. Thank you! :clown: :nurse:

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you cannot legally call yourself a rn until you pass your boards.

good luck ! :D

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You will be a graduate nurse until you pass boards. Congrats! Welcome to nursing!!!


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Congrats on passing school....Once you pass your boards you can call yourself a nurse.


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You survived nursing school and should feel proud to call yourself a nurse. You will be a graduate nurse until boards but a "Nurse" all the same. You do not have to wait until your boards ro call yourself a nurse, just remeber you are a grad nurse.

Welcome to nursing.


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Yeah! Thank you everyone!! Graduate nurse I am then! Yippee!! :)

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I love your doggie picture, Anyway, congrats!


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Spiderman did'nt know he is spidernman untill he discovered fromwithin himself certain traits for him to be spiderman. So you have to know those certain "nurse feelings" , if they are there u r a nurse!!!

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