Am I in over my head?


Hi all,

I am an ICU nurse (ADN) of just over two years experience. Prior to getting my RN, I was a care partner (nurse tech) at Vanderbilt for four years. I worked full time to achieve my goal as an RN.

Now, feeling a little burned out at the bedside, I'm looking into ADN to MSN (FNP) or just to get my BSN. I requested my transcripts today from my associate degree program. To my surprise (forgetting...really) my cumulative GPA was a 2.47. Having already shed some tears of disappointment...I'm completely down on myself. I feel I'm in over my head. How the hell can I be an FNP...what a joke am I.

Clearing my head a little...I've come to terms that retaking some classes could help boost or even taking the BSN route will help (scoring all As of course). If I want it bad enough, I'll do what is necessary right? I guess I'm looking for advice and pep talks. Surely an FNP out there has been in my shoes before...I hope.



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You should get your BSN first. Get the best grades you can in that program, then apply for an MSN. You don't have to have straight A's, but graduate school is harder than undergrad. You can also think about ways to improve your study habits. Good luck.

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Do you really want to be an FNP, change of scene or less stress? It's OK if you want all three but reflect on what your goals are before taking action. Take a few days off so you can think logically and write them down. The answers will come. Trust me!

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Honestly, you want to get your BSN first. It will open up far more options for you.


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Thanks for the responses. I'm currently looking into some RN to BSN schools. Some schools out there are requiring a lot of fluff classes (Lit, history, etc). Trying to find something that won't require a ton of those classes


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TroyM, I have been exactly where you are. I didn't take my RN degree as seriously as I should have. It sucks but it is a part of life. So, I went from RN to BSN through an online program. (there are hundreds) I got strait A's during my BSN degree and I have a cumulative GPA of 3.2. I know it's nothing to brag about but some FNP programs will look at your science classes and the last 60 credits of your schooling. Get your BSN, get strait A's and then apply for NP school if you want.

By the way, I have been accepted into an FNP program and I start in January.

Keep your head up.

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Many NP schools will consider your last 60 hours if its better than your cumulative GPA. It shows that despite a low cumulative, you improved along your education journey. Look for a good BSN program, take your time, and make really good grades. Your cumulative GPA will improve and your last 60 will look good. I recommend getting your BSN from a reputable school and really consider the school you'd like to attend for NP.


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So I was in the same boat. I had a GPA right under 3.0 for my associates happens. I decided to get the BSN first which brought up my GPA and I was able to get a job paying $5000 a year more than my previous job. I am now a year into the FNP program and maintaing a 4.0. Do what works best for you. I looked into the ADN to MSN but I was worried about getting halfway through and not having a degree. Getting the BSN was a good step for me. Take care! Sam