Am I doing a good job?

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In home health how do you know if your doing things correctly? I have worked for the same company for 2 yrs I went part time for a short time then back to full time. Lately I have been a emotional mess. Even thinking about leaving nursing.

You know you're doing a good job if the patient has a good outcome and the doctor/referral source is going to send more business. It sounds like you aren't getting the support needed from your clinical supervisor and DON. I've been in home health for 10 years, and I've seen the worst and the best. Go find an agency with a great reputation. I made the move from my last agency to one that made the Top 500 Home Health Elite last year, and I've never been happier. Good luck.

You know that you are doing a "good" job (relative term), when you have work to go to the next day. When you never get called for work or go for a month or more before being offered a new extended care case, you can assume that there are other nurses that receive more respect than you do. When you determine that, it is probably past time to look for a new employer.

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Have you had an annual review? If not, ask your supervisor. Ask your peers. Ask someone who you know doesn't like you, because that person will give you an honest answer if you're not doing well and won't sugar-coat things.

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