March 2018 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 4

Top 0' the Mornin' to you! It's time for another caption contest. You can win your own pot o' gold - worth $100 (U.S. Dollars)! Fun and easy they say... YEP, IT SURE IS! :yes: Do you think... Read More

  1. by   Persephone Paige
    **** gold and save the planet
  2. by   NurseBlaq
    I see they ate the cafeteria cookies again.
  3. by   anitalaff
    "Clinical trials for the efficacy of leprechauns in humor therapy showed that a statistically significant number leprechauns are just not that funny."
  4. by   mamallama62
    Luck of the Irish couldn't stop the Flu this year!
  5. by   mamallama62
    Leprechauns. Too much green beer and "kiss me I'm Irish" - I Lepre-can't wait for my shift to end!
  6. by   Aboyd75
    This happens every year...We really should re-think our up-front payment option
  7. by   Leader25
    How low can those new hospital administrators go, mandating those poor leprechauns to find the gold?!
  8. by   Elfriede
    I should not have asked :
    "What comes next ?"
  9. by   NurseBlaq
    I told you not to store the algae water from the aquariums in those beer bottles.
  10. by   Elfriede
    Hurry up !
    Get Guinness as intravenous.
  11. by   Shevy Writes
    Where's a three leaf clover when you need it most?
  12. by   Elfriede
    Quote from Shevy Writes
    Where's a three leaf clover when you need it most?
    Nearly everywhere. I would prefer a "four leaf" one.
    Last edit by Elfriede on Mar 7
  13. by   sydsmom1993
    Those are our Corporate Leprechauns. They are looking for $$$ from their "bonus" funds to replace all the Nurses and CNA,s that were termed for calling in sick with the flu in addition to replacing the other 3 nurses and 2 CNA,s that walked out because of the unsafe Nurse and CNA to patient ratios.