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  1. by   Sean68
    Susan! When your father and i agreed to let YOU pick out the new curtains, we didn't mean today!
  2. by   FutureJoy
    "Bob, should we tell her she grabbed the cat instead of of her NCLEX book?" "No, I think Mr. Mittens will come in handy today."
  3. by   petalsxo
    "What did we do right?"
  4. by   Hondagirl95
    MOM, "She is anxious to start her first day of nursing school." DAD, "& I'll give her 2 weeks & she'll be flying home as fast as a bat!"
  5. by   mmendoza881
    Let's see how fast she runs to nursing school tomorrow after her first day
  6. by   Mthom17
    "She must've got the call" -Husband

    "What call?" -Wife

    (Out of nowhere) "Nurses, assemble!"
  7. by   doctorwhofan
    "She said since Facebook's down she might as well get to school early."
  8. by   Joe V

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