February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100! - page 8

You Can Win $100! The last contest was a little hard (just a little). This one should be super easy. Let your imagination go crazy. (Please stay within our Terms of Service.) All you have to do... Read More

  1. by   evastone
    That moment when you realize you forgot to clean out the fridge in the staff loungeone and that month old meat lasagna is now coming back to haunt you.
  2. by   jujubee318
    Well, Rob *sighs, that covers ALL the smells for the year!
  3. by   tjunck
    Attention Please Code Brown Room 823, Paging nursing students
  4. by   kicker0927
    "Well, there's no door knob, looks like we dodged this one! Next."
  5. by   kimandthekinks
    Giardia looks cute <3 but ain't pretty.
  6. by   Leader25
    ouch , ow , the PA from employee health really pokes you with that nasal swab for Mrsa.
  7. by   Joe V
    We'll have the Top 8 poll by mid-day tomorrow.

    You still have time to submit your caption.
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    Here it comes again! You know, It's that sound that (Sniff! Sniff!)awful stink that smells like it's going to knock us out?
    RUN! RUN as far away as you can get if you don't work on the unit where that's coming from!
  9. by   Clementine1
    Lunch times over.. back to the unit we go!
  10. by   Clementine1
    We're making our own form isolation..
  11. by   Joe V
    Update (March 2)

    Top 8 Caption Poll is now available!
    Vote for your favorite(s).
  12. by   LoveMyRNlife
    Clearly the fecal management system was an EPIC fail!!
  13. by   Joe V
    winner will be announced in the next few days